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If you just started dating a trans woman or you just started talking on a transsexual dating site, your first conversations are very important. You will have to get to know each other and start to realize if you are meant to be together or not. This can be a lot more difficult than it actually seems. So while you start talking with your match on an MTF dating site you should think good about the topics you touch.

Don’t Go Deep

You shouldn’t go too deep in the personal life of your potential lover from the first time you interact on a trans dating website. Ask them about their hobbies and what they are looking for in a man. And decide if you can meet their expectations in an honest way.

There is so much more to a relationship than physical attraction but your intimacy will also be very important. Once you decide that you can have common hobbies, you will be able to move forward to a new level in your relationship. As long as you stay honest and you are genuinely interested in your match, you will end up with a great relationship.

Know Your Boundaries

Don’t expect too much – Think that you go on a date just to meet a new friend with only this in your mind, “Who knows? He is the one!” If you have carefully assessed that the person is not what you want then just finish the date happily without regret.

Set your time to a minimum – Don’t date the whole day. The excitement to see you again will be lost.

Leave – If your date shows rudeness to you then why continue? Walk away with head’s up high.

Enjoy the Date

In a nutshell, you need to have some knowledge about what transsexuality is before dating a transsexual woman. Some quick online research would help you have a basic understanding of what being transgender really means. When you understand certain concepts, such as gender dysphoria, you will be more than ready to date a trans woman.

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There are a lot of social taboos attached to dating a transgender person. Most people, even if they are brave enough to take the plunge, get dissuaded by family and friends. But things are changing. With an exponential increasing in the number of dating sites for transgender people, the gap between the so-called cis world and trans world is closing day by day.

In this day and age, it’s not unusual to find cis men who are in a happy and stable relationship with a trans woman and vice versa. The so-called society still frowns upon the idea of dating a transgender person but the good thing is attitudes are changing and they are changing fast.

Dating a trans person is not about some instant gratification or even general curiosity. In fact, it can be a life-changing experience. Dating a trans person through a ts dating app can change your life for good. It can open up your mind to a whole new range of worldviews and perspectives. It gets you out of your little shell and makes you appreciate difference and diversity. Dating a transgender person gets one into a zone where they gradually become more accommodating, sensitive, broad-minded and empathetic. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the whole experience makes you a better human being.

Whom you want to date is ultimately your choice and preference. But the whole point is you should not lose your eyes to an entire community of interesting people just because of some stupid social stigma. This article introduces you to a couple of points regarding how dating a transgender person can be a life-changing experience.

Trans Dating Introduces You to a Diverse Set of People

Not all dates end in relationships obviously. But the mere act of joining a trans dating site and communicating with a trans man or woman can enrich you mentally. You get to know about the issues faced by transgender community. And most importantly, you get to realize that trans people are very different from stereotypes of them portrayed by media and popular culture.

By dating a transgender man or woman, you get to appreciate them as an individual. When you chat with them online and talk about mutual likes, dislikes and interests, you realize that it’s like talking to any cis person. And that’s when you begin to get out of the societal prejudice complex against the transgender community.

Transsexual Dating Makes You a Stronger and Focussed Person

If you are a cis man dating a trans woman, you would slowly realize how much she has gone through in life. And she has still managed to pull herself together beautifully. Her charm and energy are infectious. She always motivates you to do better in life. Looking at her beautiful face and going by her magical laughter, you cannot even begin to imagine there is so much pain hidden underneath.

In comparison to her life trajectory, your own woes and worries will seem miniscule. And yet, you fret and fume and worry so much about things like a bad day at work, missing a job promotion or missing the deadline for applying for that dream job. On the contrary, she is an individual who has literally undergone hell in order to live out the life she wants to. And at every step, she has faced societal abuse and discrimination. Her own friends and family might have deserted her at some point in time. And still, she is not broken.  She has childlike enthusiasm about everything and lights up your life.

Being with a trans woman is certainly going to make you a stronger and more focused person. This relationship is no ordinary one. It will give an immense boost to your personal development and your ability to chase professional goals.

You Become More Empathetic and Sensitive

Transsexual dating can make you a more empathetic and sensitive individual. When you are in a relationship with a transgender person, you have to stand up for your partner. Your friends might not like them. You family might disapprove of them. At such times, it is possible that your partner breaks down. This is when they need your unconditional mental support.

Dating a trans person makes you question a lot of things about your general behaviour with people around. When you see your partner getting hurt by the barbs of society, you remember your own inconsiderate behaviour with someone. It leads you to a process of deep self-introspection. And this is a life-changing experience.

You Get to Date Incredibly Gorgeous People!

While this might sound like a shallow reason for dating someone, it does apply. To be honest, physical attraction is the first motivation that makes us want to go out with someone in the first place. Other things are obviously important and then they follow. But what starts it all is sparks of mutual attraction.

If you are a guy dating a transgender woman, you would instantly know what I mean. A trans woman is an incrediblywell groomed creature. She takes great care of herself physically and mentally. When you meet her, she is radiant, her skin is glowing and she is dressed just right for the occasion. And yet, her beauty is effortless. She is a natural diva. The look of a trans woman would be never over the top. But you would never see her turn up slovenly for a date or for an outing.

When you are with someone who gives importance to their physical appearance, it is natural that you start taking better care of yourself too. You start exercising; you dress up more stylishly and just generally pamper yourself more. And physical appearances are not so shallow after all. People who make effort to pull themselves together externally are also more at peace internally. They have good self-esteem. Such people are also more positive. If you are slovenly and careless about your appearance, it creates a certain negative energy web around. But if you are polished and well-groomed, you exude optimism.

It Can Make You Meet Your Soulmate

Most people go through many hit and trial experiences before they find their soulmate. And many a time, people are stuck in unhappy relationships simply because they closed themselves to other possibilities. If you date someone through your circle of friends or acquaintances, your options are limited. Thus, the likelihood of meeting someone like-minded is also very low. On the contrary, if you consider joining a dating site for transgender people, it opens up a whole new world.

Love is mysterious and unpredictable. It doesn’t follow a straightforward logic that if you are a cis guy, you would only fall in love with a cis woman. No, you can fall in love with anyone irrespective of whether they are straight or trans. And that is the beauty of love. You have more chances of finding your soulmate if you don’t restrict your dating preferences by a rigid criteria.

Dating a trans man or a woman doesn’t always have to be viewed through the lens of their gender identity. That is just an aspect of their life. They are unique, wonderful individuals like any other. So if you approach them with an open mind minus all that baggage, it will be a wonderful experience. And who knows, you might just end up meeting your soulmate!

Trans Dating Can Make You a Better Person

This is the best thing about dating a transgender person. The whole experience can make you a better person. In the long term, it increases your awareness of the issues surrounding the LGBT community in general.  As you connect with your partner and their worldview, you will notice that there is a whole new world out there that needs to be understood and embraced.

You might even get involved with the cause of rights and issues of the transgender community and communicate their viewpoint to the world at large. Or you might choose not to get involved in the issue at a larger political or social level. But with a trans partner by your side, you certainly cannot keep yourself insulated from the issues and things that affect your partner’s life.

We all strive to become better person throughout our life. But not all of us get the opportunity. As they say, in order to evolve as a human being, one needs to go through a lot of grinds. Here you are lucky to not go through the grind yourself but to learn from the experiences of a partner who has faced a lot. And you stand with him or her in their personal battle; it also increases your social awareness manifold. You are not the same person anymore. You begin to observe things around you more closely and general issues like inequality and marginalization have a way more profound effect on you than they used to. All this is certainly great news for your personal journey as an individual. 

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