Trans Medicine – This is Why

Medical processes in the life of a trans person take a bigger role. To transit, a transgender person needs to undergo medical surgery. Unfortunately, these medical issues are the most unattended part of their cases. While seeking medical help, is when most cases of humiliation and discrimination occur. Ironically, the medical practitioner understands them better and should take the front line in trans equality.

Transition, an integral part of trans life, and a pure medical process are very expensive. The test, drugs, and check-ups are so involving. The tests one has to go through to get approval for the surgery is challenging. It is not friendly to an average person. This transwoman had to look for an alternative to meet her goal. The desire to align her physical to her inner self was so intense, yet she could not afford the process. She sought help from the black market. She could afford the silicone shots and use them as much as she felt safe to get the quickest results. She achieved her goals but did the end justify the means? Such cases have lead to deaths and detrimental effects on trans people. The government should make medical help friendy to trans to avoid more deaths and illegal businesses from thriving.

The Wall

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