Trans Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is a manager and oversees the launch and growth of an enterprise. Entrepreneurship involves taking risks and initial attempts to make a profit. In the life of a trans, there are enough risks. Opting to add to the burden is an act of courage. The story about these top transgender entrepreneurs is an example of courage to the trans community. You can go out in the market place, venture into business, and make it to the top. It is also a heads up that they need to take the risks that are worthy and rewarding.

Erica Andrew closed the borders, and natured her dreams, came back and still made it. It did not come easily, and there was a lot of stumbling and falling. Each time, she picked herself up and went on. Even if it meant choosing a different and maybe the unpopular path, these entrepreneurs, being transgender, worked their way through the storms and built a brand for themselves.  Whether old or young, they became not just successful but topped the list. Do not settle for the average when you can get the best. They tell us it is doable.

The Wall

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