Translife is Universal


Did you think it's just a condition for them and not you? You're mistaken. Walk with me and see how close you might be to a transgender person. Yes, it's global and very close to you than you thought. Trans people have a challenge of coming out due to discrimination, violence, humiliation, fear, shame, and family pressure. Let us see about Japan in Asia. Trans people go through the same struggles no matter the region there are. However, different policies and culture determine how intense the challenges may be. Whether old or young, their life has always been rocky for being trans. Often, they have to qualify themselves.

Ai Haruna, a Tv personality and a singer faced ignorance from parents and Japanese society. She did not let that stop her from dreaming. Ai became the first transwoman to win a title as Miss International Queen 2009 Transgender beauty pageant held in Thailand. She is among other transgender people in Japan who have overcome challenges and made a name for themselves.

The Wall

Jan 26 '21
Trans are the most gorgeous! Esp with nice pretty feet! Im searching for ltr or wife
Feb 21 '21
Transgender persons RULE!!!!!
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