Togetherness is Strength – Courage. Jean - Bertrand Aristide

A gift from a loved one, whether material or service, is closer to the heart than from any other person. As a transgender person, support is an essential aspect of their life. Some have done it without help from family. Still, like any human being, people who work together will win, whether it's against the complex football defenses or problems of modern society. (Vince Lombardi.) Having a shoulder to lean on makes the burden lighter and the walk more comfortable.

Family is the single most crucial influence in a child's life. They form a child's first relationship and is a role model on how to act and experience the world. Sibling support contributes to siblings being able to gain inspiration, competence, and independence leading to high self-esteem. It is difficult to watch a sibling go through a difficult phase in their life. The story of this set of twins shows how the family can be powerful. The support they gave each other made the struggle less challenging, the transition more comfortable, and their dreams came true. Together, they realized them.

The Wall

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