The Power of Determination

They say, once bitten twice shy. These trans soldiers did not settle for that but instead choose to go against the odds. They moved the goal post and made it through the path considered for others. In any country, joining the Army or any discipline forces is not for the faint-hearted. They choose to face the challenging recruiting process when just the face of a trans was disgusted. While serving in the Army, they impacted by the services rendered and left a lifetime mark.

Today, we mention them from the price they paid and the great work they did. It is another example of how a trans person can add value to society if given the opportunity. They prove that gender difference is not a threat or an indication trans people are not less skilled or faulty. They are in no way less able to render exemplary services even in fields considered for a particular group of people in society. Serving in the Army requires a high level of discipline and patience. It is an act of courage and sacrifice. We can only enjoy them if we treat them equally in all the field of service. We must know to live together as brothers r perish together as fools.( Martin Luther King Jr).

The Wall

May 1
You have furnished me with totally factual information
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