Hip Hop Trans Artists

Music heals the soul. If this statement can be proven, the music you get from these Hip Hop trans artists top the list. They are a mix of talent, beauty, fun, and courage. Their moves are magnificent. Big Freedia is a multi-gendered artist who loves to have fun more in her music. Freedia prefers to be called an artist who happens to be trans.

The public needs to see and relate to what talented trans have to offer the world without focusing on their gender and sexuality. Like Freedia, they are the first artists before the label given according to gender and sexuality. It is only then that the world will appreciate and enjoy their talent as it should be. Trans hip hop is something you can do as a man or a woman, and trans with the desire for this kind of music should not hold back. The ground has been shaken and flattened for you. Like all other careers, it needs discipline, dedication, and consistency. It can be a career or side gig with a mix of another job. Whichever way, do it with confidence as a trans.

The Wall

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