The Gender Questioning in The Trans Community


Gender sensitivity is something that every human being goes through, whether straight or trans. It occurs mainly at puberty, where most changes and development occur. To a trans person, it is a confusing stage since they do not understand why they are different from others. Few to no answers are available to help them understand the process. The gender-questioning process involves intense emotions. People living with trans in this stage need to be patient since it can also be traumatizing. Trans people undergo a more in-depth gender sensitivity process than cis.

Imagine when they are made to choose a gender side in school, maybe to play a game, and they cannot place themselves in any. It is common in schools. Remember, they are teenagers with all kinds of behaviour related to the stage. These actions alone can be humiliating and are discriminatory. Trans questioning their gender need help, understanding, and support. Discrimination and pressure to relate to a gender group can discourage them from facing the problem of questioning sexuality. It is important to seek counselling, therapy, online community help forums, and support centres. Family and friends' support during the process is vital.

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