Transition Process

Transition is a process of changing from one state or condition to another. This process is an integral part of a trans person's life. The surgery aligns the physical body with the inner sense of self. Transition makes a trans person feel happy and complete; therefore, it should not be denied. It is an effective way to manage gender dysphoria, a common condition in the transgender community. Transition is a medical process that involves sex reassignment surgery.

The victim chooses the kind of reconstruction they want to achieve their desired results. Sex organ reconstruction is not their first choice. Female to Male (FTM) surgery involves a series of surgical procedures that alter female and promote male traits and functioning. Trans people face difficulties in undergoing transition since the medical process that should approve the process is bureaucratic. It is even more challenging if the victim is the breadwinner, with travel and accommodation posing a challenge. It is a complex process that requires multiple medical specialists, making it expensive for any ordinary living person. Though emotionally at peace, the healing process and drugs given have side effects.

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