Rich And Different

She is the first trans person to be ranked by Forbes in the 400 richest American lists as number 327 (Forbes). Pritzker Is one of the 11 heirs of the Chicago-based Pritzker clan. This is the story of Jeniffer Pritzker, the richest American trans woman. She is not just rich with money but with skills and values too. Assigned male at birth and transitioned to female successfully, Pritzker grew her career in the Army, where she worked for 16 years and rose the ranks. She is a retired colonel. She has won hundreds of medals while serving there. Pritzker has immensely given back to the community regardless of gender, race, or nationality. Jennifer built a military library and Taiwan Enterprise. Her foundation has donated money to fund projects in America and beyond. Jennifer is a motivation to both the cis and transgender community. She has acquired her richness from straight hard work, discipline, good decision making, and patience and surrounded herself with like-minded people. Fortunately, these values can be accessible for any human after them regardless of gender identity. Trans achieve all this but yet considered as different. Indeed, she is different. Unique. A better human being.

The Wall

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