Straight, Up And Beyond

As a transgender person, the reason for giving up are many than for holding on. As a trans, to stay up, you have to fight war after war. Each new day is a gift to every human but to trans, a gift after worn battles. That is why the story of these top 5 American trans artists is unique.

They fought not just to stay up and alive like any other average human being with an average dream, but to go beyond. They made it at the top list. They broke the parameters set for them, and today, every trans can dream and believe. They have topped in their careers, cutting across music, theatre, writing, and even being in the Army as the boss. Their story encourages the trans community not to stop at anything when chasing after their dreams. It is proof that it is possible to achieve them and excel. There is no need for prior cases; you can change the narrative and be the first to excel too. To trans, fight with zeal and give life to your dreams. They are valid. To cis, supporting trans talent is a worthy course.

The Wall

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