Trans You Should Know About

To know someone goes beyond their name. These five British transgender people should be household names. Their success stories, like with any other transperson's life, did not come easily. However, they have beaten all odds and made a name for themselves.  They cut across all disciplines and rank the top in some industries that were hard to penetrate. For Example, Riley was the first transman to play a regular transgender character in British soaps history. He was listed as the most influential LGBTQ man in the UK, making him the first. It doesn't mean there has to be a first for a trans to make it. They can be the first. Riley's role was termed as one that could save a life. One common thing with these five is that they started something new about the trans community, and it has brought significant changes in today's life. They realized the gaps wherever they were and seized the opportunity to make an immense difference in the LGBTQ family fraternity. Most of them started the projects during the times when the world wanted nothing to do with transgenderism.

The Wall

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