Don't judge the book by its cover


It is easier to conclude something you have seen and heard about than to research and make reliable statements about the same. That is just being human. Such information, most often, is a misrepresentation of truth – myths. Most of the myths and misconceptions about the transgender community are their sexual health and behavior, mental wellness, and transition misunderstanding. Needless to say that they too struggle with understanding why they look different. However, their feelings about who they are or want to look like are apparent. Mental disturbance is one of the widely practiced myth. Transgender people go through the distress caused by hurting and are subjected to too much stress that affects their mental wellness like any other average person. The drugs they take during transition causes hormonal side effect also. Another misrepresented topic about trans life is transsexuality. Gender identity and sexual orientation are two different things. Every trans person is unique, and the way they manage their struggles can not be a blanket statement about the transgender community. Though the challenges they face are similar globally, different factors determine how they overcome them.

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