From Grass to Grace

Transgender people's life is a mix of tension, violence, fear, confusion, and pain. These are besides the typical day to day struggle they have to face like any other human being. It is also right to say that a trans person can overcome all this and make it. Even become a billionaire. The story of these five transgender people should serve as a shoulder to lean on for any trans person who feels like there is no light at the end of their financial tunnel. They, too, lived in times when the world did not readily accept trans life. They cut across different colors, disciplines, and gender disposition but are dedicated to giving back to society. Ironically, they use their skills and values to benefit the general community, not just trans people. For example, Martine, who is in life science projects, has a biotechnology company that concentrates on the growth and commercialization of products that attend to people's medical needs in the United States. They all went through a transition, having started their success journey. They even had partners and children. Challenges should not hinder achieving financial freedom or grow your career dreams as a trans person.

The Wall

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