The real pain is known by the bearer

Who can talk about a painful experience better than the one who has experienced it? 'Life is fascinating…in the end; some of your greatest pain, become your greatest strength.' Drew Barrymore. For LGBTQ, representation from its people is vital. Trans community needs to realize that they are the only ones who can represent themselves better. More advocacy is needed for them to find a decent place in modern society.  Buck Angel realized the gap of trans representation in the film industry, especially trans women. As an FTM trans person, he founded an adult film production company and won an award as the best transsexual performer in 2017. He still had a vulva and was open about it. A man with a pussy.  He, too, went through discrimination and tension when trans traits started to show at 16. Buck Angel's work as an advocate, educator, lecturer, and writer, including trans issues, shows how important it is for the trans community to voice their pain and the changes they want in their language. Like Buck, a lot of difference in the transgender community can be achieved if it's from them.

The Wall

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