Daniela Vega - A Transgender Woman is Breakout Oscars Star For A Fantastic Woman

Daniela Vega, another transgender success story amid a cruel and harsh trans world. She transitioned at the age of 17. While attending an all-boys school, Daniela would be thrown on the ground and urinated. Discrimination and violence against trans can be extreme, and unfortunately, little to nothing has been to implement the few laid laws against it. Then what should one do when the lawmakers are the enemy? 

Fighting discrimination and violence against trans people is in the hands of the few who love them and the victims to find their inner strength and grow thick skin against the world. The parent who has accepted their children are different, probably understood what the changes are all about, speak on their behalf. Vega's parents supported her transition decision though the government policies were against it. 

Daniela Vega is an award winner in film production and acting. She even became a presenter in the academy award. Transgender people should find strength in those who have preceded them. The families that have trans children should support them to overcome the odds that come with being trans, and when they find stability, they will be proud of them.

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