The Power of Holding Hands

Teddy Quinlivan is a re-known trans model. She was signed when she had not come out about her gender. She was going through a rough time when her career was shaping up, yet she swam above the waters to become an award-winning model. Nicolas Ghesquière and Louis Vuitton, who were already in the industry, discovered Teddy. Her story depicts the much you can accomplish with the right team on your side. It shows how choosing the right people to walk with can also give you the stamina to face the world.

 Among the first people who applauded her for coming out about her gender was the men who discovered her. Support is so crucial to any person. Having the right person to hold your hand gives you the opportunity for significant career development. You also get guidance from a trusted and experienced person, and they advise on how to develop your strength and overcome your weaknesses.

 Transgender people need to surround themselves with people who appreciate who they are and what they have. People who can see beyond their gender and body structure. People who can mentor them and their dreams can become a reality too.

The Wall

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