Laith Ashley — An Inspiring Story of Transgender Male Model


Why are some people more successful than others? Did you say luck? That means you do not know. Two reasons, talent and effort. A post somewhere said trans men are better than cis men. Well, each to their own opinions. Laith Ashley's story, a trans model and a renowned musician, is fascinating. Like every average child, transgender children have dreams, talent and can achieve them.

 Laith is an FTM with a long list of achievements realized with his parents' support since he was five years old. They supported and helped him make good choices that have translated to his success and courage. Until he echos his feelings towards a trans person's struggles, you cannot realize he even went through them. Whether at his home in Canada or Africa training with others, he emerges the best in the crowd, and people love it. The parent should encourage talent growth in children from an early age and offer resources to realize them.

 Its pitiful transgender community is still labeled as different and hurt by our actions feeling the need for protection. Real talent will make you happy, whether from a trans person or cis.

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