Meet Arin Andrews and Katie Hill: The First Openly Transgender Teen Couple in United State

Being a trans person doesn't make you less human. Transgender romantic relationships are mostly viewed with disgust by the public, primarily cis. Arlin Andrew and Katie Rain Hills, the first American teenage transgender couple's story, shed light on what a trans love relationship entails.


Support from all the shareholders is a vital aspect in the life of a trans person undergoing transition, discrimination, bullying, and gender dysphoria. It enables the person to overcome the struggles and realize their dreams in life. As you will see, Katie and Arlin soar in their career life.


Do you think the limelight in their life put so much pressure on them and led to their break up? We may never know. One thing is media can work for you or against you.

Love may come in different shapes and forms, but being trans doesn't mean that the bug of love in you is deformed. Like any other average couple, trans can love genuinely and break up for genuine reasons too.


To every couple, it is crucial to have your partner as a friend first. Friendship gives a strong foundation for relationships to grow, wither the storms and, stand the test of time.


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