4 Types of Guys That a Trans Woman Will Surely Meet from Dating Online

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4 Types of Guys That a Trans Woman Will Surely Meet from Dating Online

Transgender women like any other women also believe that their knight in shining armor is just around the corner. Armed with high hopes they are optimistic too that one way to find him is through dating online.

When dating a man whom you only knew from an online trans dating site you are most likely to encounter their different types and you need to be aware of.

The Guy Who Is Curious About The Trans Woman

This type of guy is usually the first timer to date a transsexual woman. He is so intrigued on anything about you, with your looks, your body and the way you move. He is also excited to know how it feels to date a trans woman and trying to process everything that is going on that day from start to finish so that he won’t forget. Expect to have so many questions from this guy. He is curious and dying to

know a lot.

Experimental by Nature

This is a guy who only wants to date you just to discover something about you – particularly the physical you. He is an aggressive kind who will invite you to a one night stand right away without the getting to know each other process yet. He likes physical intimacy more to fulfill his trial and error demonstration. This guy is trying to prove some facts about a transgender woman in various aspects. Therefore, I conclude that you must be vigilant with this type because a transwoman like you should not be a subject for mere experimentation.

Transgender Female Fetish Guy

This particular man is so engrossed in meeting and dating for sexual purposes alone. A kind of intercourse maniac guy who is focused to target a transgender female for him to be satisfied. He likes places that are less public to make sure no one recognizes him when he is with you. One thing you will notice when he is a fetish guy is his being uneasy as if someone is following him. Beware, you might fall in love with this type of a guy for him being romantic on your first date without knowing that it’s a trap in order to make him feel more aroused. For him, you are only perceived as the intercourse object and nothing more than that.

The Random Guy

He loves to date anyone he likes in the online dating site. He clicks and clicks, then picks, then sets for a date. This type of guy is a bit scary because he doesn’t pay much attention to what you will say to him before you will see each other because his mind is only preoccupied with his eagerness to see you in person. What if he thinks you are a straight girl but on your date, he noticed that you are not and it’s because he was not listening to your confession then in your chat? Sounds terrifying right?

Dating is fun and exciting. It is being paralleled to a game of chance because it is an opportunity to somehow meet the one.

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