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The pandemic has resulted in a dramatic transition from physical to remote work. There is no limit to the amount of work you can get done from different areas aside from the office. With the number of people working remotely this year, the number of worldwide users of VPN has increased tremendously. Now, you can work on confidential jobs from the comfort of your home. But even with VPN services available, there is still a big question mark behind the security of the operations at home. The dark web miscreants can hack into your security while at home especially when you do not have the top services in 2021.


The dynamic nature of VPN service has made it difficult to pinpoint some of the best in providing security against people from the dark web. However, this VPN review will help you select the best VPN services for your brand.

Here are the top 10 VPN services in 2021.


Express VPN


Many have regarded this as their outright favorite VPN service for some years and it is no wonder it is on this list. Express VPN is great for streaming and is located in up to 160 locations across the world. Users of Express VPN enjoy the service because of its 24/7 customer service support. Plus, it has a friendly interface that makes it easy for people who are not technologically savvy. One of the major reasons if not the most cogent, for people choosing Express VPN is its ability to unblock websites. Finally, it has a 30day money-back guarantee period which gives people the option of saving their money if they don't like the service.



Nord VPN


This is also a credible VPN service that many people opt for. It has its servers in more than 90 locations across 59 countries. It has a maximum of 6 devices that it can support and also is great for unblocking websites. Users have amazing options for the subscription which translates to you not breaking the bank in a bid to prevent dark web activities. You have the option of encrypting all your internet traffic twice to enable optimum security. It also has extensions for Chrome, Firefox browsers and accepts payments through Bitcoin. This is one of the reasons it is on this list. With Cryptocurrency being a force to reckon with these days, many traders will opt for NordVPN because of its relative ease.


Surf Shark

People throng to Surf Shark because you can use one account to cover the plans of using the VPN on your laptop, phone, and other devices. Speaking of devices, it can support an unlimited number. A big plus for companies. It is located across 65 countries with servers in more than 100 locations. For people looking for an easy-to-use system, then Surf Shark is great for you. Its laid-back interface makes it appropriate for anyone to use. Surfshark also has a 30day money-back guarantee so you can evaluate whether you will want to use this platform full time.


Hotspot Shield


This is one of the most improved VPNs out there right now. It has a tisl period of up to 45 days and has more than 1500 servers across 80+ countries. Although it has a maximum of five devices that it can support, it has a fast and secure connection for all internet traffic. There is also a 24/7 customer service response team on hand for your complaints. It has an exclusive pricing system that you can sign up for from just $2.49 / £2.29 per month.


Private Internet Access

You might be wondering what kind of obvious VPN name this is. But it also shows the assurance it will give you as a user. With a reach of 78 countries and 35000 servers in 100 locations, Private Internet Access is one of the best VPN services you can get in 2021. Although it might not be the fastest, Private Internet Access offers users an unprecedented amount of freedom to use in many places in the world.




This has a reach of 91 countries with 7300+ servers across 105 locations. Cyberghost supports a maximum of 7 devices and it has a proven track record of excellence in terms of performance. For people who intend to use VPN services on their desktop, then Cyberghost will be apt to prevent any dark web activities via this platform.

Website unblocking and user experience are also some of the selling points of Cyberghost. These have propelled the identity of the VPN to a larger scale with more people interested in the service.



One of the most trusted names in VPN discussion is Windscribe. It has an unlimited number of devices that it can support plus it is available in 63 countries. Although it has fewer servers around the world than others, it sure makes up for this lack in terms of speed and effectiveness.


Proton VPN

You will be spoilt for features with Proton VPN. It has its roots in 55 countries with more than 1200 servers all over the world. Proton VPN keeps growing as its engineers continually work. on updates hence the many features it has. It also has the option of paying with Bitcoin which will be a plus moving forward in the world of digital currencies. Another reason for people opting to use Proton is its simplicity. The User Interface and experience have made people enjoy using the platform.





There are more than 300 VPN services in the market today. However, out of these eight, you will definitely find the one that best suits your needs. The best VPN services are the ones that appeal to your objectives not by popular demand but by subjective analysis. Therefore, ensure that you weigh the pros and cons of any VPN service you want to choose. You can also successfully change the plans on any VPN service. As your business increases so will the need for a higher level of security. 

Cyber Crime – Background

Cybercrime and cyber warfare are increasingly becoming a huge threat worldwide. Cybercrime is when data systems of individuals or businesses are targeted for financial gain, intellectual property theft, stealing secret information, disrupting vital operations, or simply creating panic and nuisance. Cyberwarfare is the targeted use of cybercrime for disrupting a country’s economic progress by attacking the main pillars of its economy. Cyberwarfare could be waged by one country against another. An example would be the constant allegations by the US that Russia has been waging systematic cyber warfare against it.

According to a recent report by Cybersecurity Ventures, if cybercrime were measured as a country, then it would be the world’s third-largest economy after the U.S and China, as it is estimated that it would inflict 6 trillion USD worth of damages globally in 2021.

As per various reports, cyber crimes have increased alarmingly during the Covid period. According to the FBI‘s 2020 Internet Crime Report which was released in March this year, the number of cybercrime complaints in 2020 saw an increase of more than 300,000 from 2019. Furthermore, the Internet Crime Complaint Center of the FBI received at least 28,500 complaints related to the coronavirus pandemic, with businesses and individuals being targeted alike.

How Can Businesses Enhance Cyber Security

Businesses are now realizing the importance of investing in cyber security measures. And it’s not just large businesses that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Small and medium-sized enterprises are equally at risk.

Every business ought to take certain measures to not just prevent cyber crimes but in order to make cyber security an important component of their policy and operations.

Invest in Cyber Security Technologies

All businesses, whether big or small, need to invest in the latest cyber security technologies. A big business can make use of artificial intelligence and deep learning in order to ensure optimum user identity protection and analyze data to foresee and predict in advance any possible cyber threats.

For any business, the use of antivirus software is a must. Such software also needs to be constantly updated and upgraded in order to ward off potential threats. Then, regular mechanisms such as firewalls and encrypted connections for ensuring optimal data security are a must. A business can also consider using VPN services. Since virtual private networks encrypt data and hide the IP addresses of users, these are very popular with individuals and businesses alike from the point of view of data privacy.

These days Blockchain Technology is also being used by businesses to enhance cyber security. The Blockchain Network is a unique model of storing information comprising of a network of computers. In this network, information is essentially stored and shared as blocks. Its special characteristic is that once a user adds some information to this chain, that information or data cannot be edited or deleted. A separate mechanism is used for making changes to that data instead. That is, a new block is added. This enables everyone who is a part of that chain to see all the changes made. Through its unique data encryption mode and the process of tracking a change at every step, it creates a rather formidable network that would be difficult for hackers to enter.

Training Staff in Basics of Cyber Security

This is an often overlooked aspect of cyber security operations in businesses. While investment in sophisticated technologies at a larger level is beneficial, it is equally important to educate workers about the basics of safe online practices. A seemingly harmless gesture like clicking an unknown link from a suspicious email in the spam folder by an office worker could lead to serious cyber security threats for the entire organization.

Businesses should conduct regular training sessions with employees on the basics of cyber security. Everything cannot be handled by the IT department. Companies should rope in cyber security professionals for this purpose if the need be. One of the most basic things is reinforcing the importance of strong passwords. A large number of employees still don’t realize the threat posed by weak passwords. There are people who keep the same password for all their accounts. So employees need to be constantly reminded of these basics.

They also need to be educated on the basics of detecting and reporting suspicious email links and a potential cyber threat. Cybercrime has become very sophisticated these days. There are multiple scams in which the source looks absolutely credible so obviously, even a relatively aware person falls for that. So employees need to be given an overview of the kinds of cybercrimes prevalent and also presented with regular case studies so that they understand a potential threat if and when it comes their way.

Regular Data Backup

This is such an important basic step that is a must for minimizing the damage caused in the case of cybercrime. All data of your company needs to be backed up regularly. This is such a simple and elementary practice and yet companies miss on this. Creating offline backups is a must for all confidential and sensitive information.


Individuals are Also Vulnerable to Cyber Crimes

Although there is more emphasis on big businesses and corporations getting affected by cybercrime individuals are equally vulnerable. It is therefore important that they too undertake basic cyber security measures at their own level. Individuals are even more at risk because unlike businesses, they can’t invest in critical cyber security infrastructure.

Individuals are victims of cybercrimes like data theft, phishing attacks, and ransomware. Not all cybercriminals have a specific purpose in mind when they attack someone’s personal data or system. Some of them just want to create chaos and confusion in the lives of people and make them miserable.

Cyber attacks are also common against individuals who reveal information or share viewpoints that someone does not want to come out in the public domain. This applies to people like intellectuals, journalists, and political activists who voice their opinions on issues deemed controversial. That is why for such individuals, sometimes confidentiality and anonymity become important for their own safety. Many such people make use of the dark web for their work as it makes it easier for them to voice their opinion, without the fear of threat and intimidation.

Many individuals are also subscribing to the services of a virtual private network in order to protect their privacy and conceal their identity, thus ensuring safety from any potential cyber threats. 

There are many intricacies in the cybersecurity profession; the elements embedded in this discourse will prepare enthusiasts seeking a guaranteed career to change life as we know it. In a world filled with tumultuous issues with most of the problems resulting from a security breach on the internet, with an increased number of people fortified with cybersecurity knowledge and skills, the world can be better in every sector that makes up each nation.

Discover the profession and its perks in this article!

Quick Facts

   ●  More than $114 billion was spent on information technology security operations, including products and services, in 2018. Interestingly, this improved the previous year, which saw an increase of 12.4% from 2017.

   ● In 2018, $5.3 billion was invested in cybersecurity by Venture companies worldwide, while North America alone saw more than $4 billion investments.

   ●  Cybercrime is one of the biggest problems posing threats to national security. Therefore, the White House increased the budget on cybersecurity by 5%. Consequently, the overall budget for the Department of Defense rose to $17.4 billion.

   ● Cyber Security crimes in 2015 caused $325 million in damages; hence organizations have bumped their investment in cybersecurity by 62.5% from 2013 to 2017.

   ● Cybersecurity professionals are well-sought after, with 38% of cybersecurity professionals being contacted multiple times by recruiters. Also, 48% of cybersecurity professionals are contacted weekly, exposing that cybersecurity is crucial in today's advanced world.

   ● By 2029, occupations in cybersecurity will have increased by 15%, with professionals earning above $100,000 annually.

Why Does Cybersecurity Matter?

In a world where data drives everything, cybersecurity becomes an intricate element in the survival of government agencies and organizations. Cybersecurity has become a recurring and impending problem for many organizations in the world today. Different issues such as IoT and the cybersecurity talent gap affect an organization's ability to deal with external threats.

A massive amount of data is being processed and transmitted every minute on government and organization's networks. These data contain financial, healthcare, personal, and other forms of information that could lead as a backdoor to devastating damage. Unfortunately, the hackers have continued to evolve in their operations as they target colleges, universities, government agencies, and other institutions that may not be up-to-date on cybersecurity matters.

Although there is no telling which industry hackers will focus their initiatives on the next several inclinations, the crimes will be more prevalent in industries without investment in security platforms and personnel. Several attacks have been carried out in the last decade, with some more effective than others. Here are common types of cyber threats:

   ●  Phishing

   ●  Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

   ●  Man-in-the-Middle

   ●  Botnet

Due to the recent cyber hacks on major companies in different sectors, companies have begun to invest heavily in cybersecurity since their survival depends on the data being processed and transferred from one end to another. Can you imagine what will happen if the framework of the bank you are using gets compromised? The thoughts are mind-boggling; hence, companies' survival and people rely on cybersecurity.

Individuals, businesses, and organizations are dependent on digital technology now more than ever, and advanced cybersecurity has become essential to protecting users and businesses from fraud, data breaches. According to Irwin (2021), there were 149 million records in December 2020 alone, which totalled 20 billion cyber-attacks, breaches, and hacks in the year. Some of the examples of these threats to cybersecurity witnessed in 2020 are as follows:


   ●  Cyber-attacks infiltrated Canada's DuBreton Meats.

   ●  U.S. Treasury breached by hackers backed by foreign organizations

   ●  The attack on Mongolia by Chinese hackers.

   ●  Hurtigruten, a Norwegian cruise company, experiences a cyber attack

   ●  Anti-Semitic propaganda was posted on the Weslaco ISD network

Data Breaches

   ●  Canada's Sangoma Technologies confirms a data breach resulting from a ransomware attack.

   ●  Fax Express database online leak.

   ●  Konikoff Dental Associates loses control of patient information.

   ●  TennCare being susceptible to a privacy breach

   ●  21 Buttons carelessness in exposing social media influencers' valuable information.

Unfortunately, as technology advances, hackers have been getting better at finding new ways to breach even the toughest systems, and the consequences can be drastic.

The primary health information of 15 million Canadians was stolen from Life Labs in 2019 due to a ransomware attack.

Information such as date of birth, Names, addresses, emails, logins, and passwords was compromised during this time. Ontario and British Columbia were the most affected during this crisis from 2016.  85,000 people were known to have been affected by the breach.

Also, from 2018 to 2019, OPC reported that the number of Canadians affected by the breach was close to 28 million. This was more than half of the population at that time. The causes of the breach were said to result from "employee snooping" and "social engineering hacks," the accidental exposure of 22% of all documents within that time frame. 8% of reports during that year were reported stolen from the database.

In 2014 Home Depot suffered an ugly attack that had the information of its customers compromised. The criminals could access the customs' credit card information with the malware installed on the company's self-checkout terminals. Unfortunately, Home Depot was not able to detect the issue until after five months.

Anthem Inc. experienced one of the terrifying attacks in the Healthcare industry, with 80 million social security records uncovered in 2015.

When so much is on the line, cybersecurity professionals are essential to protecting businesses and their data from threats in the grand scheme of an organization's operations. Their job is to block the holes through which these criminals can find a way into the system.

Career Pathways in Cybersecurity

According to research done by researchers in the University Professional and Continuing Education Association, "Cybersecurity is the collection of processes and practices designed to protect the integrity of networks, programs, devices, and data from an attack, damage, or unauthorized access."

Cybersecurity professionals are hired to look for weaknesses in an organization's database and promptly fix the impending issues that can be used as a pathway for attackers to center.

Cybersecurity professionals' operations are dynamic as they function as detectives and analysts in a bid to find loopholes in the system.

Some organizations refer to cybersecurity professionals as Information security engineers, Cyber Security technicians, and occasionally, analysts.

What Types of Organizations Hire Cybersecurity Professionals?

One of the benefits of training in cybersecurity is that it can enable you to work in virtually any organization, whether large or small, in the public or private sector and the industry of your choice. Industries that tend to hire the most cybersecurity professionals are those such as:

    ●  Telecommunications

    ●  VPN Service

   ●  Law Enforcement

   ●  Technology

   ●  Banking and Finance

   ●  Government

   ●  Healthcare

   ●  Sports

Roles Cybersecurity Professionals Can Play in An Organization

There are streamlined job functions of cybersecurity analysts that companies offer them. These are:

   ●  Forensics

   ●  Network security

   ●  Vulnerability management

   ●  Threat Intelligence

   ●  Incident response

   ●  Application security

   ●  Data loss prevention

Trends in Cybersecurity

Cybercrimes have continued to evolve almost at the same pace as technology is improving activities on the dark web. It is more or less like the hackers hop on the new technology to find loopholes to hit companies. Hence, new techniques and strategies have been employed by companies to find a way to stop attacks before they collapse the business. Some of these trends include:

IoT Problems

As the world has shifted gears in harnessing the possibilities of data-driven technology, there are many more devices that have been incorporated into an internet connection. Therefore, hackers will try to bypass networks with weak security. Unfortunately, people do not consider changing their new devices' passwords and login details once they get them. Consequently, the hackers find it easy to access the information which can be gotten online.

More IoT problems come from the manufacturer as they may not have the expertise to upgrade their products' security. Interestingly, research shows that 48% of companies with IoT devices and their network have been successfully breached at least once. Therefore, hackers have begun to go through networks with IoT verifying the weakest security and bypassing that network to hit the company where it hurts.

Cybersecurity Talent Gap

Demand for cybersecurity professionals is now at an all-time high, and even with increased training opportunities and higher budget allocations, there remains a shortage of cybersecurity professionals and VPN reviews. Industries most affected by this shortage are those such as:

   ●  Government

   ●  Finance

   ●  Manufacturing

   ●  Healthcare

   ●  Transportation and logistics

   ●  Online retail

Many organizations have had no choice but to outsource their network, firewall, and other security needs to remedy this. However, this trend is expected to reverse as companies seek greater control over their security at a lower cost through permanent staff with the right skills and qualifications.

What Does It Take to Become a Cybersecurity Professional?

In order to be eligible for this certification, it is required to have sufficient knowledge in Computer science. Therefore, you must gather relevant skills to equip yourself for a deep dive into your career properly. Here are some skills that are pertinent to this career:

   ●  Adult and compliance

   ●  Cloud Security.

   ●  Risk analysis and mitigation

   ●  Digital forensics

   ●  Threat modelling

   ●  Vulnerability assessment

   ●  Intrusion detection

Several certifications have become standard in the industry and signify to potential employers that a professional has the right knowledge and skills to protect their data and systems. Some of the most popular include;

Here are the specific job certifications that employers require:

   ●  Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

   ●  Certified Information System Auditor (CISA)

   ●  Certifications in GIAC

   ●  Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

   ●  Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

   ●  McGill's New Certificate in Applied Cybersecurity

McGill's certificate in Applied in Cybersecurity intends to shine a bright light for people looking to start a cybersecurity career.

Also, students will be introduced to real-life scenarios of cybercrimes. This method will prepare them for what is to come after their program at McGill. The essence is to equip the students with the right tools to promote their creativity in tackling cyber-crimes properly. This diploma will further expose students to new possibilities through cybersecurity, plus an in-depth understanding of specific industries and their peculiarities.

Finally, with a team of experienced minds, it is easy for students to gain knowledge and expertise as there is a wide array of trained professionals ready to assist them.


Top surgery is a procedure for transgender men to remove breast tissues. It is also known as masculinizing chest surgery because it reconstructs, removes, and tailors the breasts to make them appear masculine.

What Is Top Surgery?

If your breasts are small, you may be able to have surgery that spares your skin, nipple, and areola. This means that your nipples and areola will not be taken off, resized, and implanted back into position. However, if your breast size is large, you will have to undergo the surgical process.

Why is this Transition Process Performed?

Most transgenders feel their expression or experienced genders are different from their current bodies. To ease off this discomfort and out-of-place feeling, transgender men often opt for top surgery.

Who is Eligible for Top Surgery?

Top surgery is a serious, life-changing process that needs to be planned and considered quite carefully. Planning for transition is very important. People also have to consider the limitations of the procedure as well.

Children under the age of 18 years are not allowed to undergo this surgery, even if parents and families show support. For youngsters. this is forbidden in all states and anyone found guilty could face serious charges. In the same cases, some doctors advise adults against this surgery too. These are usually due to prolonged health problems or difficult procedures.

How High School Educators Can Help You Understand the Process?

The transition process begins when you first learn about it. You can find a lot of published work in the form of research that can help you understand it.

Many transgender persons are aware of gender dysphoria as early as 16 years of age. Schools and other resources are gradually making an effort to include this in their sex education curriculum. Teachers can also collaborate with relevant resource centers so that more children, parents, young adults are aware of this surgery.

What Goes into Transition Planning?

Medical researchers have published many writings on the subject of transition. They have explained the different procedures available, in simple words and with details as well. You can also get information regarding the transition from your nearest resource center.

There are a lot of resources available on the subject. People can find out everything from the structure of the breasts to the procedure required to remove them. In case anyone is interested, they can also look for support groups. This way, it can become easier to deal with the challenges of the transition surgery.

You can also go through helpful links and sources to get a better idea about the transition. Ultimately, a medical expert is your best bet to understand the needs and requirements of the surgery.

A physician or surgeon will conduct necessary tests to make sure that the person is eligible for the transition. After which, they will provide them with the result and also offer guidance about the process.

To make sure you know what you’re in for, it’s best to consult with your doctor. You can get tips or voice your concerns regarding your transition directly.  Here are 8 questions you should ask your doctor before undergoing transition surgery to avoid trouble in the future.

What Type of Top Surgery Procedure Would Suit Me?

As mentioned previously, each body type is different. So, it’s important to ask your doctor what transition procedure is best suited to your goals and needs. Keep in mind that a child and adult transition are entirely different things.

After a quick analysis, your doctor will be able to explain the various types of available solutions. They will also discuss the importance of the one you require, and why to opt for it.

What Are the Risks and Complications?

Transgender people have to face a lot of issues even after getting top surgery. A quick search will give you an idea of the risks and complications involved with top surgery. For instance, the possibility of developing a seroma or hematoma.

Your doctor will focus on your particular body type and answer these questions accordingly. Moreover, there are certain food items like beef jerky that cannot be consumed.

They may also guide you through the symptoms you need to look out for. Medical professionals also give tips and explain how to manage complications if they occur to eliminate fear.

What Are ‘Dog Ears’ and How to Avoid Them?

Since ‘dog ears’ are a common reason for revision surgery, you should get a general idea about what they are by discussing it with your doctor.

This is basically a phrase that’s used to refer to excess skin and fat that ‘pop’ out at the incision line. It goes around the side of the chest in Double Incision Top Surgery.

You should inquire if dog ears are a part of your surgeon’s revision surgery policy. The cost of revision surgery can actually be higher than the actual one.

What Happens on the Day of the Surgery?

Once the person reaches the hospital site and checks in, the process begins. Depending on the procedure (double incision, periareolar, or keyhole), the surgery can last between 1.5 to 4 hours.  You can ask your doctor questions about the surgery itself or post-procedure care and estimated recovery time.

How to Receive Transition Help?

Parents play an important role in their kids’ lives. Every child requires love and attention but those who are struggling with transition, need it the most.

The first place most youngsters will look for help is among their families and friends. Apart from parental figures, a teacher in college, university, and any other academic institutes play a significant role too.

However, if you think you are unable to get the right kind of help, you can always contact your surgeon to help you find resource centers and support groups. Usage of transitional words and other words of encouragement is also equally important.

Education and knowledge need to be given to kids and adults alike. For example, teachers organizing seminars for their students might prove to be beneficial as they grow up.

Do You Need to See a Therapist Before Undergoing Surgery?

Top surgery and the transition process are an emotional procedure that comes with many challenges. In order to make sure you are mentally fit for the procedure, many surgeons require a letter from a mental health professional. This gives them an assessment of your state of mind. Since you will require a lot of mental stability and strength later on as well, you can try out a few techniques by yourself as well. The 10 minutes awakening program is a tried and tested solution for achieving mental peace and a boost in confidence as well.

Do I Need to Stop Taking Testosterone?

Before your surgery, the surgeon will provide you with some guidelines and tips that may require you to stop certain foods, testosterone, and smoking.

Will I have Drains After the Surgery?

Most people believe that drains and top surgery go hand-in-hand. However, some surgeons don’t use drains so whether or not you get them is entirely dependent on the type of procedure.

Finally, you may wonder how much pain you’ll go through during or after the surgery. This contrasts from person to person though usually, it is less than moderate.  Furthermore, your surgeon will brief you with post-operative instructions and how to take care of your incisions in a proper manner.

What More to Do?

You must understand the service, procedure, and any complications you may develop during your transition process. This way, the pre-and post-transition process will feel like a breeze.  With tips from your doctors and necessary precaution, you can successfully complete the transition surgery without facing any issues.


Torrenting is one of the easiest ways through which you can share large media files in the quickest possible time. But many people, assuming it is rocket science, believe that using torrents is extremely difficult. If you are also one of them who thinks that torrenting is not your cup of tea, then, stay tuned with us as this beginner's guide to torrenting will let you know how to download torrents safely.


Some Basic Terminologies Related to Torrenting.


BitTorrent - BitTorrent is one of the most popular methods for sharing large media files such as a video file, music file, or software. It is a protocol for transferring such files through a highly decentralized peer-to-peer sharing system. With the help of this method, you can download files from more than one server at a time.


Torrent - Torrent is the file that is circulated on various peer-to-peer sharing platforms. It is basically a type of .torrent file that you search for downloading your favorite media files.


Here, it is important to note that .torrent files are not the actual files you are looking to download. In fact, they are just small files that contain some details of the main file. They just guide your BitTorrent client to download the files you want.


Unlike conventional files, torrents are not uploaded on single servers. Instead, they are available through numerous servers. That is why their downloading usually takes less time.


BitTorrent Client - A BitTorrent client can be considered as software that downloads your favorite torrents. It is a program that downloads the actual file from the .torrent one. Its job is to read, process, and then download the .torrent file for you.


Peers - Peers are all those users who are involved in the uploading and downloading of any torrent file. Your BitTorrent client will also become a peer once you start torrenting.


Peer-to-peer sharing - When two or more than two computers, connected in a single network, share media files and other resources, without the help of a central server, then it is called peer-to-peer sharing. Each computer participating in peer-to-peer sharing acts as both server and client at the same time.


Seeders - Seeders are those users who have already downloaded the files that are being shared on the peer-to-peer sharing platform. They upload such files to their peers.


Leechers - Leechers are those individuals who do not own the complete file but instead, they are downloading it from the same network. Once they are done with downloading the file, they become a seeder and further upload it for others.


Generally, to achieve fast downloading speed, it is good to have more seeders than leechers.


Swarm - It is a sum of all the seeders and leechers (collection of all the peers) available on a network. All the users (or computers) participating in the file sharing process are termed swarm.


Tracker - The tracker is nothing but a server that keeps the record of seeders and leechers. As it tracks the IP address of all the users, it possesses all information related to the torrent files i.e. which user has the file and who needs it. There are both public and private trackers available on the internet.


Indexer - A indexer is a website that contains a whole list of torrent files. As it indexes torrents, you are required to visit the site for downloading them.



How Does BitTorrent Work? Working on the BitTorrent Protocol.


Before knowing how BitTorrent actually functions, you must be aware of working of the traditional file transferring method. The conventional file-sharing system completely depends on a single server that stores files. It is commonly termed as the central server.


Anyone who is searching for a media file (be it a movie, music, game, or any other software) has to download it from the central server. The real downside of this method lies in the fact that as soon as the number of downloaders increases, its downloading speed becomes extremely slow.


Apparently, the traditional system does not seem to be fruitful for sharing large files. BitTorrent's file sharing method, unlike the conventional one, does not rely on a single server. In this decentralized method, files are stored on the computer of all those users who are participating in the peer-to-peer sharing network.


In this technique, torrent files are broken down into thousands of small pieces that can also be uploaded on the swarm by anyone who is downloading it. You are not required to download the complete file before sharing it with others. Once you have downloaded even a small part of it, you can simultaneously upload it for others.


Now, you might have understood why this method of file transfer is too fast. Since the torrent files are distributed across the network of computers (also called the swarm), so users can even share a small chunk of a file with others, at an amazing speed.


This distribution of media files is much better than storing them on a single server.



Is Torrenting Safe?


Apart from having all these amazing features, the BitTorrent protocol also has its own demerits. Despite being one of the fastest file transferring methods out there, torrenting is also a bit risky.


This is only due to the fact that once you start sharing files with others, your IP address gets exposed to hundreds of other peers connected to the same network. This might be a threat to your online privacy. Consequently, you might face some legal issues as discussed below.



Is Torrenting Illegal? Legal Aspects of Torrenting.


Torrenting isn't itself illegal. What really illegal is downloading torrents of someone's copyrighted content since almost every kind of creative work (movies, TV shows, applications) is available on torrenting websites.


Unsurprisingly, a large number of countries in the world consider downloading torrents as a criminal offense. Though a few governments allow you to download them for your personal use, yet its distribution is always prohibited.


As in a BitTorrent protocol, each user becomes a downloader as well as a distributor, all such copyright laws are certainly being violated while torrenting. Therefore, you should avoid downloading copyrighted material as much as you can.



What Are the Requirements for Downloading Torrents Safely?


1- Strong Internet connection - First and the foremost requisite for downloading your favorite media files is a strong internet connection. Obviously, it is quite important as without having a decent internet connection, you will not be able to download with that ease. So, make sure you have a capable internet provider so that you can download them smoothly. 


2- A BitTorrent client- Secondly, you will be required to download and install a BitTorrent client in order to access your torrent files. It is noteworthy that without the help of a client, you can't process the downloaded torrents. You can easily find a decent BitTorrent client out there.


There are free as well as paid BitTorrent clients available on the internet. In comparison with the paid BitTorrent clients, free clients generally contain tons of advertisements. Moreover, it is always recommended to opt for a paid one as it also offers other security-related features.


Once you have installed the BitTorrent client on your device, you are now required to visit the various torrenting platforms. But before that, you might need a Virtual Private Network for accessing these websites safely. We have discussed it later in this post.


3- Torrent website - Lastly, for downloading torrents safely, you must be aware of the websites that allow you to download torrents for free. Several websites offer torrents related to various categories.


Whether you are looking for only movie-related files or any particular software, there are numerous dedicated platforms that offer a specific type of torrents. For example, YTS and Zooqle are two popular torrenting sites that only contain torrents of movies and TV shows.


Similarly, there are some websites that only contain music, software, or games.



Never Download Torrents Without a VPN.


As it is an established fact that the torrenting sites pirate copyrighted material, they are often banned by various state authorities. In that case, a VPN Service might prove helpful to you as it allows you to access all the geo-restricted sites out there. Moreover, it also hides your IP address, makes you anonymous, and thus protects you from all kinds of legal issues.


It would be a lot better and safer if you get a VPN from an honest VPN review site like TheDarkWeb. Many torrent files essentially come with highly damaging software that might affect the security of your device. As an antivirus regularly scans your files, it can easily protect your system.



How to Download Torrents Safely?


As we have stated earlier, downloading torrents is extremely easy. You are just required to follow a few steps for accessing them.


First of all, you have to go to a torrent website and download your desired file from there. There are many torrent websites on the internet such as The Pirate Bay, YTS, Zooqle, RARBG, etc.


Then find the downloaded file in your system and open it with your BitTorrent client. While downloading it through the client, you will see its total size and the number of seeders and leechers.


After downloading the file, you can also scan the file only to find malware in it. However, it is not a mandatory step but is still advised.


After that, you can access your downloaded media file. You can freely download the latest games, songs, movies, and TV shows with the help of these steps.



Why You Should Use a VPN for Downloading Torrents?


Now, before knowing how a VPN helps you in torrenting, you need to have a basic understanding of how a VPN works. And you need not worry if you are not having any technical knowledge as I am not going to introduce difficult-to-understand tech-related terms before you. I will try to keep it as simple as I can.


A VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, basically hides your IP address while browsing the internet. It changes your IP address so that no one could track your online activities. It just makes you use the internet anonymously without exposing your details online.


Another thing that a VPN does is the encryption of your data. It encrypts all the torrent files you download in such a way that your ISP can't get any useful information out of it. In this way, it helps you in hiding your browsing history from your ISP.


Now you must be wondering how these features are beneficial for torrenting. Let me explain it to you. As I have mentioned above in this post, most of the files available on the torrenting website are copyrighted and thus their sharing is illegal.


And if you download those files without using VPN, then your IP address gets exposed to your ISP as well as to other peers in the swarm. By taking this information from your service provider, the respected copyright authorities can easily trace you. Afterward, they might also file lawsuits against you.


Thus, by protecting your IP address, a VPN prevents legal action against you.



5 Best VPN Services for Torrenting


1- NordVPN


NordVPN is our top pick among the 5 best VPN services for torrenting. The Panama-based VPN is offering its services since 2012. And since Panama has no data retention laws, therefore your private data would be 100% safe after using it.


The super-fast VPN has 5400 servers in 59 countries. Its NordLynx technology, based on the WireGaurd protocol, offers great downloading speed for torrents. Moreover, you can simultaneously use the VPN on 6 devices.


Apart from torrenting, NordVPN is also helpful in accessing geo-blocked streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, and many more. With 256-bit AES encryption, it is one of the most secure VPN out there.


Visit the NordVPN website.



2- ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPN services that provides its users with about 3000 servers in 94 countries of the world. The reliable and fast VPN is available on multiple devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Moreover, a single subscription of the VPN can be used on 5 different devices.


ExpressVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption and DNS/IPv6 leak protection which is Domain Name System/Internet Protocol version 6. That's why we can safely say that the VPN is completely secure.


Additionally, it has a strict no-logs policy, which means you can freely browse without the fear of getting traced by them. All these features come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Visit the ExpressVPN website.



3- Surfshark


Surfshark is an excellent VPN that allows you to torrent as much as you can safely. The VPN uses 256-bit AES encryption with perfect forward secrecy. It is quite evident that the VPN majorly focuses on your privacy.


With unlimited bandwidth across all its servers, the VPN really encourages torrenting. It offers a reasonable downloading speed in 60 countries. It neither keeps nor shares your personal information with anyone.


It is the most budget-friendly VPN that has no connection limits. It can be installed on PC, Mac, iOS, or Android. Moreover, the affordable VPN also offers risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee.


Visit the Surfshark website.



4- CyberGhost


CyberGhost is another value-for-money VPN that you wouldn't want to miss. It is one of the most easy-to-use VPNs available on the internet. You can effortlessly set up the VPN on any of your devices.


In addition to the 256-bit AES encryption and perfect forward secrecy, Romania-based CyberGhost VPN also possess an inbuilt kill switch feature. Like the other VPN mentioned in this post, it also has a strict no-logs policy.


Considering the wide range of security features and 45 days money-back guarantee offered by the CyberGhost VPN, I don't think it is a bad choice to go for.


Visit the CyberGhost website.



5- IPVanish


IPVanish is a popular VPN in which you will get a wide range of servers to choose from. It really cares about your privacy and thus follows a strict no-log policy. With unlimited bandwidth, the VPN also offers fast servers.


Another interesting thing I liked about the VPN is that it provides the users with a feature to change IPs after a specific time. Moreover, like its many other counterparts, IPVanish also uses a shared IP address.


It has performed well in the speed tests performed by various websites and therefore, torrent downloading speed would not be an issue with this VPN.


Visit the IPVanish website.






It should be noted that we do not encourage piracy in any way, shape, or form. Apart from downloading pirated content, torrents have a lot more legitimate uses. There are hundreds of legal torrents available on the internet.


Nevertheless, if you have already decided to download copyrighted media through torrents, make sure to get a good VPN that is reviewed by a reputable VPN review site like TheDarkWeb

Password managers are one of the most reliable solutions through which you can employ strong and unique passwords for your different accounts on the internet. But are password managers actually worth it? Let us find out more about them.


What is a Password Manager?


As its name suggests, a password manager helps you in managing your passwords. A password manager is basically a software that not only assists you in creating secure passwords for your accounts but also keeps them secure in encrypted form with the help of a master password.


Moreover, it automatically retrieves the respective login details of the website you are about to use.


Why do you need a Password Manager? 


In this growing world of the internet, we usually access dozens of password-secured websites and applications on a daily basis. But most of us tend to use extremely weak passwords and often reuse them on various websites.


If this is also the case with you, then I would highly recommend you to use a good password manager. It saves a lot of your precious time that otherwise would have been spent on remembering and resetting the passwords.


Are Password Managers Totally Safe?


To be honest, no system is completely safe at all. But as most of the password managing software use exceptionally powerful 256 bit AES encryption method, a hacker would not be able to access your information.


Besides, by following some simple practices, you can also ensure the security of your passwords.


As you are required to remember just a single password, i.e. the master password for accessing your multiple accounts, make sure that you only use a strong one.


It must be a random string of capital as well as lower case characters. Furthermore, you must use numbers and symbols in your master password.


And one more thing, don't ever forget to turn off the autofill feature on your browser. It would be a lot more secure if you manually copy and paste your password from the manager. 


Advantages of a Password Manager.


Apparently, a password manager comes up with numerous advantages that are as follows:


First of all, the biggest benefit of using a password manager is that it requires you to remember just one password for accessing your different accounts. By knowing only the master password of your password managing tool, you can get a whole list of other passwords as well.


With the help of a password manager, you can also generate a powerful and complex password to login into the websites. It also memorizes those passwords on your behalf. For example, you can not easily learn a complicated password like apJ3@yhiZEnü#dh, but a password manager can do it for you.


Many password managers store your password database online. Thus, you can easily get your passwords on any device, be it your phone, laptop, or your PC. Also, you can access them anywhere in the world.


Now, you must be wondering whether saving such a valuable database of passwords online is safe or not. For security purposes, a password manager encrypts your database before syncing it on the internet. Such highly encrypted files are nothing but a piece of trash for hackers. It is nearly impossible to decrypt them.




Disadvantages of a Password Manager.


One of the major drawbacks of using a password manager is that you have to rely on just a single password (i.e. the master password) to access your multiple accounts.


Accordingly, if you anyhow forget your main password, you will not be able to get the other ones. In that case, even your password managing agent will not be able to do anything for you.


This is only because of the fact that these password managers themselves can not decrypt the locally encrypted database of passwords.


To resolve this issue, an offline password manager proves fruitful as unlike the cloud-based password managers out there, it keeps the encrypted database of passwords on the hard drive of your device. 

You just need to install it on your device and the password manager will do the rest.


However, it also has several shortcomings. For example, while using it, you can not sync your password in different devices. Secondly, if anyhow, someone gets physical access to your device, he can easily steal your important passwords.


With that said, storing all your passwords online might be a risky choice.




5 Best Password Managers in 2021



1. Dashlane


Our first pick for the list of 5 best password managers in 2021 by  the dark web. One of the most secure password managing tool comes up with free as well as the paid version. A prominent feature of this tool is that it has an inbuilt VPN that enables you to access geo-restricted services.


In the free version of Dashlane, you can store the passwords of only 50 accounts. Apart from this, you can only use it on a single device. But, its paid version has a lot more advanced features than the free one.

With a premium plan, you can easily sync your data between devices.


The powerful password managing tool supports two-factor authentication. It also scans the dark web for login identity and other details and notifies you whenever your data has been breached. However, as expected, its premium plan is quite expensive than the others.


Visit Dashlane's website.



2. LastPass


LastPass is certainly one of the best free password managing tools out there. Similar to Dashlane, it has both free as well as premium plans. But the good thing about LastPass is that its free version possesses a lot more features than that of Dashlane.


Unlike the Dashlane's free plan that allows only 50 passwords, LastPass's free plan does not impose any restriction on the number of passwords or devices being used. With LastPass free, you can synchronize your passwords on multiple devices.


Equipped with multi-factor authentication, LastPass tends to use cloud storage for keeping your confidential data secure. For the security of your valuable data, it monitors and highlights weak and easy to guess passwords. Along with a Premium Plan and Families Plan, the password manager also has 4 other business plans.


Visit LastPass's website.



3. Keeper


Keeper is an easy-to-use password manager that contains various security features that are being required by decent password managing software. Being easy to use does not mean the software lacks smart security options. In fact, it is among the most powerful managing tools and is enabled with biometric authentication.


It provides plugins for a large number of browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge and Opera. Besides the desktop app for Windows, macOS and Linux, Keeper's Android and iOS applications are also available on the internet.


The only real downside of this password managing tool is that it does not have any free version for the users. In order to avail all its amazing benefits, you are required to buy one of its premium plans. However, before taking its subscription, you can also go for a 30 days trial.


Visit the Keeper's website.



4. RoboForm


If you are looking for a simple and secure password managing software that is providing great facilities for form-filling, then, in my opinion, RoboForm would be the best choice for you. It is one of the most impressive password managers that is powered by two-factor authentication.


RoboForm's password generator can generate passwords containing about 512 characters. It also analyses the strength of your passwords and suggests changes accordingly. It tells you about your security score by discovering the number of weak or duplicated passwords.


Having great customization options, the password manager provides reasonably low pricing choices for business owners as well as individual users. And you will be pleased to know that along with such a low price range, RoboForm also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Visit RoboForm's website.



5. NordPass


NordPass is the last password managing software on this list. Originally created by the team of NordVPN, a popular VPN service, NordPass is one of the most cost-effective password managing choices out there. The software has a straightforward interface and is designed in such a way that it turns out to be more effective.


Much similar to the other managers mentioned in this article, NordPass offers both free and premium services. Its free version allows you to sync with only one device but you can save unlimited passwords. And with its paid version, you can synchronize your information with 6 devices.


Aside from this, one of the biggest disadvantages of using NordPass is that you will not get the autofill feature in this software. However, this decent password managing tool contains some other functions including two-step authentication and XChaCha20 encryption.


Visit NordPass website.






So, what do you think about the password managers? Please tell us in the comments below as I am quite excited to know your opinion on these password managing tools. I hope the article helped in getting more about them.


Above mentioned is a list of 5 best password managers that include both free and paid choices. However, if you are seriously concerned about the security of your passwords, just go for the paid ones.

Everything in the world today has shifted to the digital pace making this a lot easier. There are seamless transactions in terms of finances, marketing, sales, and other areas of life. There is no denying that the digital age has greatly improved the way we live. Unfortunately, the numerous positives that we can draw from being in the digital age have been truncated by some negatives. One of the issues with everything being done in the digital space is the threat to security. With one piece of information, bank accounts can be wiped clean; hospital records can be erased, alterations can be made to a school's system, and a host of other issues. Cybersecurity has become a prevalent issue that keeps on getting worse. Since 2013 over 3.8 million records are stolen daily. These issues have rendered colonies defenseless, and many have not recovered from the losses incurred from the data breaches.

One of the ways we can solve the issues associated with cybersecurity is the adoption of VPN services. The next question that will likely pop into your head will be, what is a VPN service?

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network; it is implemented using public wires or the internet to connect to offices and users remotely. Most companies use VPN services to secure their internet activity and other sensitive information that The Dark Web can access. You would be surprised at the rate at which cybercrime and privacy breaches are recorded daily. Unfortunately, perpetrators on the dark web are constantly looking for new ways to gain access to different company databases. Hence, to prevent any unfortunate situation that could derail the company, you need to employ the best VPN services.

Now that it has been ruled that VPN services can deflect the operations done on the dark web, it is important to show the services get the job done.

Here are six ways VPN usage can improve cybersecurity.

Remote Access

With the pandemic happening, several people are working remotely using their internet connection. These employees would have been accessing private company files from the comfort of their homes without speculating a thug. It is much easier to use the company internet connection as there may be some VPN services and other cybersecurity measures. When working from home, the risk of getting sabotaged by people on the dark web is high. Getting the best VPN service for your work at home will be the best choice. VPN service will help encrypt all the data from your end of the connection and secure your company's network. However, you need to conduct relevant research to determine the best VPN service to use.



Imagine if all banking transactions were made public? A thought that will not be palatable for many. VPN service helps to shield companies and businesses, especially during sensitive operations. VPN will help hide the IP address, location, and other sensitive information that will be hard to access from the dark web. Many companies use VPN services to protect their identity in matters of national and global importance. The discussions, eating, and agreements are all disguised and kept anonymous to protect the lives and properties of people.


Cloud-Based Service Easy Access

One of the perks of the digital age is the provision of cloud-based technology. Not only does it improve productivity, but it helps to reduce the strain of constantly searching for files. Companies have averaged on the effectiveness of this service and so have hackers. People on the dark web can infiltrate a company's database by getting into the cloud to store their data. However, with a string VPN firmly in place, you are sure to be protected from hackers. Any attempt to breach from outside sources will be immediately shut down.

Easy to Set Up

Understandably, many companies are worried about their security and privacy. Often, they don't secure their data because of the complications of cybersecurity measures they adopt. Interestingly, VPN is easy to install and implement in any organization. With VPN services you can rely on, you don't need to stress communicating the cybersecurity measures in your organization.


How can something so affordable secure data worth millions of dollars? The sheer fact that VPN is affordable and effective baffles people. Companies need to break the bank to get the best VPN services to protect their data. It is a much better alternative for small businesses looking to start cybersecurity protocols early.


Tunneled Connections

Going back to working remotely, many companies use instant messaging tools like Slack, Telegram, and others to communicate frequently. However, if hackers get a hold of the conversation, millions could have been lost in a matter of days. However, VPN can help protect communication between and among people in an organization. There is a feature that excites many companies and assures them of privacy in the organization. Tunnel connections are the feature that allows companies to send and receive messages without any other party seeing them. What VPN does is, encapsulates data pickets that protect the original data when it is being transferred from one person to another. It is more or less like wearing a jacket in cold weather. The person is the data, and the jacket is the VPN service, while the weather is the hacker.



VPN has provided companies a better alternative to combat the activities done on the dark web. It has made it possible for small businesses to grow, with secured transactions to leave room for more growth. However, with VPN being a solution in the cybersecurity discourse, some ineffective VPN services may incur losses. It is therefore important that you make inquiries to get the best VPN service. It is best to get a service that is tailor to your needs and objectives as a company. You can have a comprehensive list that highlights the advantages and disadvantages of different VPN services. All these are important in offering security for your business and the employees.

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