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Establishing Trust in Transgender Dating and Relationships

Many women, both cisgender and transgender, have been betrayed by those they loved. Whereas cisgender women might only have been betrayed by a lover or partner, transgender women have experienced pain from a number of different sources, including lovers, friends, neighbours, and the community at large. Being viewed as a...

Dealing with Emotions in a Transgender Relationship

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It is quite a challenge going into a transgender relationship without investing plenty of your emotions. After all, how could you enjoy love, one of the most beautiful feelings, without doing so? Well, even with such an investment, you would still want to take care for fear that you might get hurt when you finally break...

Relationship Between Transgender People

Relationship partners of transgender-identified individuals have distinctive couple-related experiences that are important to understanding. The “Organizational Diversity” field concentrates studies on the experiences of groups that are different from the archetypal male, white, heterosexual, cisgender, able-bodied and western worker....