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You are finally close to living your life as a trans woman. And you are probably even close to joining a trans woman dating site or a transgender dating site. Just imagining what it would be like to live in the skin of somebody you’ve always believed you are can be such an exhilarating experience. For a trans woman living out her life and identity, it can be a fantasy meets reality kind of situation. And yet, this is just the beginning. There are so many things to learn about feminine sartorial choices and grooming.

It is obvious that all these things are new to her as a trans woman. Her life till now has been completely different so the whole thing about having to switch over to an uber-feminine identity can be a bit too overwhelming. This constant pressure to be ultra-feminine can literally drive her crazy. So it’s important that as a trans woman, she finds her unique point of balance, in accordance with her personality and distinct beauty.

In order to live out your life as a trans woman, you need to have a basic know-how of feminine fashion and beauty etiquette. You would learn more as you go along but it’s important to get equipped with the basics. This article lists out a few tips that will definitely help you in your journey towards embracing womanhood in all its feminine glory!


Dress According to Your Personality and Body Type

We all live in a rather complex world where everyone is trying to copy each other. Especially when it comes to fashion, there is a lot of peer pressure to embrace trends and look a certain way. While it is very important to keep an eye out for all the latest trends in female clothing, you should never feel pressured to dress a certain way. Just remember, the best fashion statement is made by those who create their own statement with clothing.

Shop according to the latest trends but go for styles that complement your body type. If you have great legs, then go for minis and micro-minis that let you flaunt those legs. If you are concerned about your relatively flat chest as a trans woman, then go for dresses and tops that create the illusion of greater cleavage.

Always make sure that your dressing sense goes well with your personality type. Don’t let age define your sartorial choices. Age is an overrated concept! It’s rather a personality that matters. There are 40 plus women who can carry miniskirts and shorts gorgeously. And there are 20 plus women who would feel more comfortable in trousers and long formal shirts. What dresses would look good on you is all about your personality and aura as a trans woman! Just remember that when you finally begin to date someone through a transgender dating app or a trans dating site, they will be impressed not as much by your fashion choices as they will be by how you carry those choices.


Go for Makeup Tricks that Make your Face more Feminine

Now, the approach to makeup a trans woman should follow is actually quite different from the one a cis woman follows. Cis women actually use makeup to give their faces a more chiselled appearance. In the case of a trans woman, the goal of makeup has to be the opposite! Since you already have quite a chiselled face, you want to soften your facial features and want a softer looking fuller, feminine face.

Avoid contouring, especially if you haven’t had hormonal fillers to soften your facial features. Too much contouring would actually draw even more attention to your bone structure, making your face look even more masculine. And you don’t want that. You rather want to tone down that masculine ‘super sculpted’ look. Opt for highlighting to give a softer and feminine feel to your face.

There are multiple makeup tricks you can actually use to play with your facial features to create an illusion of a more feminine, fuller face. You can check out a transgender blog or a transsexual blog with makeup tutorials for trans women. The internet these days is a great resource for such information. You could find so many video tutorials specifically geared towards creating a more feminine facial structure using the art of makeup. And the best part is that in most of these videos, you can see a trans woman working on her face and showing the transformation!


Do Not Overdo Makeup

Makeup is tempting. Let’s accept it! When we walk into a makeup store for a new look, we have this desperate urge to slather on all the eyeshadows and eyeliners and blush and shimmer and what not. But on a serious note, don’t do that! Never overdo your makeup. A minimalistic, nude makeup look that gives you a fresh face is the best for everyday appearance. And for special occasions like a date or parties, you could jazz it up a little bit but don’t go overboard. A guy you’ve just met through a transsexual dating app or a transgender dating site would love to see you in a fresh-faced look when you are out on your first date. No one likes a painted face if they can make out that it’s painted!

The idea of makeup is to subtly highlight the best attributes of your face and make it look softer and feminine. If you overdo your makeup, you would just end up looking like a drag queen. Again, the internet is a great resource for learning the art of applying makeup. Check out a transgender blog or a transsexual blog for makeup advice. Also, interact with other trans women on a trans forum and find out what works best for them.


Do Consider the Advice of Sales Staff

Now, this applies to both makeup and clothes. The sales staff is experienced in terms of figuring out what would look good on a particular person. They can scan your entire physical profile with just a look! So, whenever you walk into a clothing store or a makeup store, do consider the advice of the sales staff.

At a makeup counter, the sales staff would have a better idea of what foundation would suit your skin tone best, how much coverage you need if your skin texture is rough and coarse, things like that. And at a clothing store, they would exactly know what styles would suit your height, personality, skin tone and build.

It’s understandable that you might feel conscious as a trans woman to walk into a store and strike a conversation with the sales representatives, especially if you are in the transitioning phase or haven’t had hormonal treatment yet.

A lot of staff at high-end fashion stores though is sensitive towards transgender people. And they might just tell you about some awesome makeup tricks. So do not shy away from talking to the sales staff. In fact, if you can afford it, get a makeover. That will make you feel confident and super gorgeous.


A Concealer is Must in your Makeup Routine

As a trans woman, concealer is a must-have in your makeup routine. It becomes even more important if you are in between transitioning. A good quality concealer will skilfully hide all those under eye dark circles. It can also conceal your aftershave and all those dicey giveaways of your physical appearance that can make you look masculine, if not properly covered.

When you finally go out on a date with somebody you met through a trans woman dating site or a transgender dating site, you don’t want to spend all your time stressing about how your face is looking and if it is looking feminine enough. So, investment in a good concealer is a must.


Experiment with Your Sartorial Choices

As a trans woman, you obviously face a lot of pressure to look good. But that doesn’t mean you religiously stick to a particular style and play it safe all the time. Fashion is all about experimentation! So don’t be afraid of trying out new styles. A tried and tested approach many women apply is that they go for muted, sober colours when it comes to their wardrobe. Break that monotony. Go for bright reds, pinks, yellows, violet, green, etc. Do not be afraid of trying out colourful lowers. In fact, colourful harem pants, dhoti pants or palazzo will give you an ultra-chic, hippy look.

When deciding what to buy, go for clothes that convey the essence of your personality. Fashion is not about the clothes you wear in order to conform. It is a statement you make in front of society. So, if there is something bold and quirky in that statement, society takes a greater note of your distinct personality. And when you finally go out on that dream date with a guy you met through a transsexual dating app or a transgender dating site, you will see that he can’t just get take eyes off you!



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Transgender is an overall term that includes various types of gender and multiple people. Trans is a term that is typically used to refer to transgender. Trans women or transgender people refer to those individuals whose gender identity is entirely different from the gender they were thought to have during their birth. In most cases, when a person is born, the doctor mostly says it's a boy or girl. Trans woman refers to a woman who is assigned to be male at birth. This process may sometimes include hormone replacement therapy and maybe changing sex surgery.

They have a gender identity that does not match their assigned sex, which results in a gendered state of unease or overall dissatisfaction with life. The causes of transsexuality example biological, specifically, the brain structure difference, which is related to sexual orientation.

Can Trans Women Breastfeed?

You may happen to find a trans woman through an online trans dating site and decide to settle with her, you may have lingering questions such as is she able to breastfeed? Yes, trans women can breastfeed. According to different medical research studies, it has been majorly understood that transwomen can breastfeed for many years; trans women have in various cases shared other methods used by these particular people and the successes achieved in feeding their children.

The Newman Goldfarb protocol is also a commonly used method for transgender women to induce lactation. It majorly relies on the anti-nausea drug, which is mostly banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since it caused heart health difficulties and risks. There are still case studies that may need to be conducted for the people to have ideas concerning how they work and figure out the right doses of these medications.

To some degree, some transwomen will lactate; naturally, some others will need a supplement of prolactin, which is a drug, and in some cases, is not advisable. It’s not likely to be sufficient to supply a baby’s entire nutritional needs, but it would be an excellent supplement to bottle feeding, and it's a perfect way for a mother and a baby to bond.

Parents who have adopted a child and parents who can’t produce enough milk for their babies, in some cases, work out a feeding plan which includes suckling to create a growing bond between them as the parents and the baby. This may usually be done using a specific supplemental tube placed against the nipple so the baby will draw the formula or milk while suckling from the breast.

Around 2010 and 2011, Dr. Christine McGinn, a trans surgeon specializing in gender change surgery, showed up in the Oprah Winfrey show in a segment that had revealed that she was both male and female. She had both fathered her children and was the parent who also breastfed them. It’s also really more surprising that it took a very long time for a medical journal to document the process. This illustrates how transgender people are discriminated against most of the time.

It’s also possible with and without hormone therapy to have babies. If you look on online platforms, you'll find that there are both photos and videos available to prove this. Any individual with the right hormones and the proper physical structure may have a small amount of lactation but not nearly enough to breastfeed as a nutritional source for the baby.

Limiting Factors

Firstly, after several years of standard hormone therapies, many of us won't have as much breast tissue as we would have had if we had initially gone through the overall female puberty; this is because of the difference in gender present.

Secondly, the extremely standard hormone balance is commonly found in cisgender women who are neither pregnant nor breastfeeding. Extra hormones may be necessary to complete the hormone balance that is typical in women who are breastfeeding.

In other scenarios, the equipment may be there and can also be activated. Even if a transwomen's body might not produce enough milk to be her child’s sole source of nourishment, she can positively contribute. Both the mother and the child can experience the critical bonding experienced in most bonding processes through breastfeeding. We can note how transgender is not different from us since they can also do what the other people who have a specific gender can again do. And that does not give out permission for anyone with the same to be treated any differently.


In most cases, it is also possible to induce lactation in anyone, even if those people haven’t carried the child personally. However, lactation consultants only recommend doing this again with a supplement tube feeding the infant formula. The side effects of the hormone that can be used to induce it can be quite severe, but using suckling as bonding with the baby as long as the baby is getting adequate nutrition. A great list of breastfeeding resources for transgender women is there on the internet to check out and buttress any issue that can come up with the Trans parenthood.

Transgender in Society

Transgender are people whose gender identity is entirely different from the gender they were thought or assigned to have at birth, so sometimes they may be seen differently by the rest of the people who majorly don't know, such as people within the society.

In various cases, they may be discriminated against; thus, they may not be wanted. In some places, since they may be seen as evil people following some cultures, they might even face discrimination within their family units and their schools. But they may be accepted by others.

Trans Women Discrimination

Discrimination can be defined as harassment or an unfriendly treatment of different categories of people; it mostly happens on various grounds, for instance, race, sex, or disability. There might be fewer employment opportunities or no job opportunities and less treatment that is favorable compared to the rest of the workers. This is unlawful discrimination against a worker just because of gender reassignment.

There are also situations whereby a transgender person is treated less favorably only because they have rejected or submitted to a particular set of rules or conduct. Many individuals put up with this evil act because they think it may end, which doesn't happen unless someone takes a definite action.

Suppose you are being harassed or discriminated against; In that case, you can talk to your UNISON leader or speak to someone else to talk to those who are discriminating against you, or in a formal workplace, you can raise the alarm about this.

Studies on transgender

A person who combines both the genitals and hormones is usually categorized as male or female based on their visual inspection of the genitals through ultrasounds or at birth. The gender identity expression of an individual, regardless of the biological sex assigned at birth, systematically supports to ensure that transgender people and communities are fully represented and valued.

The idea that a gender is strictly an either-or option of male or female hence based on their sex rather than a spectrum of gender identities and expressions. This gender might be considered limiting and problematic for all people, especially those who do not fit neatly into the categories.

An individual outward gender presentation usually comprises of personal style clothing, hairstyle, and body language. Gender expression can be congruent with a person’s gender identity. Still, it can also be a problem if a person does not feel safe or supported or does not involve themselves with gender expression that authentically reflects their gender identity.

A person who is exploring or is maybe questioning their gender identities or expressions. Some other people may later identify as transgender or gender non-conforming, while other people may not. Some traditional or reactions towards the Trans genders may be mentally disturbed or even thinking that the transgender people should not share a bathroom with the rest. This illustrates how hard it may for the trans genders due to the discriminations and rejections they face from others.

Through all this, we can note that transgender is very similar to us apart from the fact they have both sex gender in their genitals. But this does not give room for them to be discriminated against by other people or treated differently in society. They should be accepted by others and seen as people who are as part of the community as the rest. Tran's genders should also have the opportunity to have feelings and experience love through different transgender dating apps and online platforms. They should also be able to receive positive feedback from the rest of us.

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