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How does love really feel like?

Is there a guide to know how love should actually feel?

Or do we simply repurpose a purpose older than any of us?

I went on this site to see how efficient it is to find likeminded people and seeking hearts to converse with and socialize. How effective it is to be in a place of 'others' who are most likely finding the same cause as I do.

But figuring it out, makes me think if love truly equates to lust? Would we mind talking to anyone whom others may see as less appealing than the rest. Perhaps everybody has a preference, but what are the right preferences that we should pick, if ever we decide to write them.

And do we perhaps, all have the same kind of preference; Tall, either white, or dark, but handsome. It is heavily ingrained in our society to always choose those with these three good traits. Others would compare them to as a quality choice. But does that mean we should eliminate those whom do not or only possessed few of those qualities?

I assume that when we date, we tend to find the equivalency of ourselves towards others, but even then it would seem pretty unlikely that we would achieve what we want.

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