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Not everyone has the guts to date a trans woman. Most people are socially conditioned in a way that the mere idea of dating a transgender person seems like a grave transgression to them, one that they are scared of committing. Still, there are a few courageous guys out there who want to know what it is like to date a trans woman. And they begin their search for the perfect trans lady love through a transsexual dating site or a transgender dating app.

But before you begin to date a transgender woman, there are certain things that you need to get absolutely clear in your head. The image of a transgender woman that you have in your mind, courtesy of the stereotypical images portrayed in popular culture, is far from what a real trans woman is like. So, if your sole motivation to date a trans woman is the hope of a kinky affair, then don’t even bother. The purpose of her existence is not to satiate your perverted fantasies. She is a woman like any other, creating music with every footstep and love with every glance of hers.

Before you get registered on a trans dating app or a trans dating site, there is a certain code of conduct of trans girl dating that you need to be familiar with. Below are a few typical characteristics of trans women that will help you figure out how to go about dating her.

A Trans Woman is Super Gorgeous

Contrary to the strange stereotypes about trans women being manly and slovenly, a real transgender woman is actually an epitome of femininity and beauty. If you just google the term ‘trans woman’, you’d know what I mean. So, if you get into trans woman dating with this kind of laid-back mindset that you don’t need to put any effort from your side, you are in for a big shock.

A trans woman is like a true princess. She has undergone so much in life that she knows how to value herself and her wellbeing. She knows how to pamper herself and take great care of her body and mind. A trans girl has the kind of skin that can give any runaway model a run for their money. She has mastered the art of applying makeup. She knows how to dress for every occasion. And yet, her look never comes across as over the top. Her elegance is understated like that of a classy diva, who doesn’t need flashy clothes or jewellery to showcase her beauty.

So, if you want to date a transgender woman, you better be prepared for a long period of courtship because such a gorgeous woman won’t be that easily impressed!

She is Mentally Strong and Resolute

A trans woman’s life is full of stories of endless struggle. Despite all the societal disapproval and apathy, she has come out in flying colours. It is quite possible that even her family and friends deserted her at a certain point in time. So, she has literally faced everything by herself. Transitioning is not an easy job; it’s not for the weak-hearted either. It needs immense courage to come out in the open with an identity that is in stark opposition to your biological gender. But she has done it all. Only a lady with strong willpower and an independent mind can accomplish all this.

When you are dating a trans woman through a transgender dating site or a transgender dating app, you will slowly realize that you are in the company of a really inspiring person who can also motivate you to do better in life. And that’s the amazing thing about dating a trans woman. Her focus, her determination and her independent mind can teach her partner so many things about life. If you are ready to keep your ego aside and just observe, there are so many things you can learn from your beautiful trans woman.

Let’s say you had a bad day at work. Or your boss gave you some negative feedback about your work. Or in the worst-case scenario, you lost your job. You are feeling so dejected and depressed that nothing creates sense anymore. Now just imagine your trans woman, a person who is literally fighting society every minute just so that she can live out her desired identity. She is vulnerable to societal abuse on a day-to-day basis. Even when she is trying to date someone, she always has to be on her guard thinking what if this person physically attacks her for being trans. Such is the extent of transphobia even in modern-day society. Despite all this, she is dating you, helping you sort out your life and doing all this with a smile on her face. Your trans woman has a beautiful and resolute mind of her own. And the love between you two can change your life for good. 

She is a Woman like Any Other

Whether you’ve met her through a transsexual dating app or a transsexual dating app, this is the most important thing you have to keep in mind while dating a trans woman. She is a woman like any other. You cannot assume things about her just because she is trans. While dating someone, trans women like to be flattered, wooed, surprised, taken care of and respected, just like any cis woman.

When it comes to matters of physical love, they prefer getting to know you first before deciding to take the relationship to the next level. Cis guys have this assumption about transgender women that they are hypersexual creatures who won’t mind a casual encounter every now and then. Nothing can be farther from the truth. A trans woman is looking for a proper date with the possibility of a serious and long-term relationship, pretty much like any cis woman. She is not ‘available’ the way you might think she is.

In trans girl dating or trans woman dating, be prepared for a long inning. Forget all that you’ve heard about transgender women. The reality is she would want to know you more as a friend, a confidante and an interesting companion before she makes up her mind about the future of your relationship.

Just remember that she is a woman like any other. She is beautiful, sensitive, gentle and emotional. She expects her partner to woo her the good old-fashioned way and only then you can be sure of her love and trust.

A Trans Woman is Well Educated and Intellectually Strong

On average, a trans woman holds a university degree and is rather well-educated. In fact, according to research, a transgender woman is more likely to hold a college degree than your average cis woman. Although of course, finding employment remains a problem, especially in countries where the law is biased against trans people.

So, when you’ve met a transgender woman through a trans woman dating site or a transsexual dating site, keep in mind that the quality of conversation will reflect her education and intellect. You can have a great conversation with her about many topics – art, culture, literature, travel, cinema, politics, etc.

Many guys get intimidated by the idea of dating an intelligent woman. They get scared that it will be embarrassing for them if they are unable to match her intellectual standards. But if you are the type who likes an intellectual woman for a partner, a transgender woman is just the right type for you.

A Trans Woman Might Have Issues Which You Need to Understand

A trans woman is a strength and willpower personified. But she is a human being at the end of the day. Living the life of a transgender woman is like literally being in a war zone every day. You don’t know when and from where the enemy will strike because the whole society views you with hostility. The enemy could very well be lurking in your backyard. This is not exactly a comfortable space to be in. So, it is natural that once in a while, she does break down and has her moments. And at such times, she needs the support of her partner.

Her need for emotional and psychological support might even be greater if you started dating her during the transitioning period. Transitioning is a big change for her physically and mentally. And she needs your love and support to embrace that change.

Before you start dating a trans woman through a trans dating site or a transgender dating site, you got to realize that will have to stand by her through thick and thin. It’s quite different from dating a cis woman in the sense that a cis woman doesn’t have to confront society on a day-to-day basis. A transgender woman has a life full of struggles and you have to be with her in those struggles. It’s like any other relationship. You support your partner and they support you as well. Your transgender woman would help you sort out your emotional mess and motivate you to become a more positive and determined person. So, it is obvious that she expects you to be there for her when she is undergoing some problems.



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