How to Attract a Transgender Woman

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How to Attract a Transgender Woman

The idea of dating a transgender woman remains a distant thought for most straight men. However, there are some individuals who have decided that there is nothing wrong with dating a transsexual woman. These men boldly visit transgender dating sites looking to find the perfect match. These following tips will help you would be a transgender and also help ensure a happy relationship.


An honest compliment will go a long way toward helping you impress a transgender woman. Even when you are just chatting on a trans dating site, make sure that you pass a few compliments to your partner in order to get things moving. Honest compliments are very important because they provide validation for the transgender woman. The sense of affirmation that comes from a well-meant compliment is very important for how she feels as a woman affirmation that comes from a well-meant compliment is very important for how she feels like a woman.

Have a Plan

After you have wooed a transsexual woman from a transsexual dating site, you should always have a plan for your first date. A transsexual woman loves a man who can take the lead; therefore, being wishy-washy with your plans can be a complete turn-off, given that you have already chatted with her online, it is important to be creative and plan something that is related to her interests. Recognizing and partaking in activities she enjoys will certainly impress her.

Be Trans-Sensitive

It is important to treat a transgender just as you would a cisgender woman. When out on a date, treat her with respect and engage her in meaningful conversation. If you have questions about her transition process, save them for another time. The two of you are on a date; this is not the time for an interrogation or an interview. It is also important, for the obvious reasons, to avoid insulting or using insensitive words, such as tranny, she-male, he/she, shim, or it. These words are dehumanizing to transgender people and should not even cross your mind when dating a transsexual woman.

Be Punctual

Although this might sound like an easy task, many men still show up late even on the first date. Being late will never impress a woman, transsexual or not. Show that you value her time by being punctual and prepared. Your date will certainly be impressed.

Be a Gentleman

There is no substitute for being a gentleman when dating a trans woman. If you want to impress her and win her affections, it is of the utmost importance that you are on your best behaviour. Additionally, it is not enough to only be polite and courteous to her; you should also extend those chivalrous manners to everyone else you encounter while on your date, including service people and other guests. Finally, it is generally accepted that the gentleman should pay for the first date. Subsequent dates, however, can and should be split in whatever way suits you and your partner.

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