How to Make Your First Date Romantic and Unforgettable As A Trans Man

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How to Make Your First Date Romantic and Unforgettable As A Trans Man

Dating is always exciting especially when it’s your first. As a transgender man when your crush agrees with your proposal to date with you for the first time, it is the most joyful feeling you will sense. Then your excitement subsides when you start to worry on how to make that day so special that will surely impress your girl. Worry not and try to consider these suggestions. 

Choose a venue that suits the personality of your girl. If she is into dancing, then plan to have your first date in a place wherein you can dance on the dance floor after having your dinner. If she loves nature, better bring her to the nature-themed restaurant or to a beach resort where the two of you can walk along the shore. Or if she is a sporty type, a sports event of her interest would be much appreciated by your girl and it gives you an additional check from her. 

Never let her spend a single penny. Sharing of expenses during dates are fair enough for both of you since it’s the two of you agreed for it. However, this should not be applicable on your first date. As a transgender man you are the guy here, so you must portray as a strong man by pampering her with all that she wants that day including the cost of your first date. Both the foreseen and the unforeseen expenses. In case the girl insists for her share you should not accept it and just remind her that it’s you who asked for a date and therefore everything is yours. If she is not convinced, then reassure her that she can use it next time. 

A candlelight dinner is always romantic. Every girl always finds it romantic when dining with someone in a candlelight dinner. They may not admit it nor demand it to you but they are looking forward to it. Why not make it happen on your first date? Candlelight dinner doesn’t have to be expensive, with your little creativity an ordinary restaurant will do. 

Be more than a gentleman. Aside from being gentle and caring, a gentleman is someone who sacrifices everything for the sake of his girl. And one way of becoming a great gentleman is by controlling everything, from planning to the reservation and up to the final bill. When you know how to be in charge on your first date, the woman feels secure about you and there she can relax and enjoy the day with you. Another thing you can do to make you more of the man of her dream is by fetching and sending her from and to her doorsteps. Women like to be treated like they are the most special girl in the world. Her heart melts when you show you care about her and her safety by not letting her go to your date on a commute or let her go home alone. 

Before your first date ends, you must not forget to ask for a second date in the future.

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