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When you are in a relationship, there comes a crucial time when you got to introduce your partner to your intimate circle of family and friends. For a guy, introducing any woman to his friends and family can be intimidating. ‘Will they like her?’, ‘Would she be able to get along with them?’, all these questions preoccupy your mind. And if you are dating a trans woman, things can get even trickier.

Trans girl dating is no easy feat to accomplish, even in these so-called modern times. When it comes to certain things, most peoples’ minds are still stuck in the Middle Ages. If you are dating a trans woman, you have to be literally prepared for the worst of reactions from your family. So trans girl dating isn’t for the meek. You have to be super strong in your determination and in terms of your love and commitment to your partner that no matter what, you will always stand by her.

However, nothing in this world is impossible to accomplish if you try it out the right way with a cool head and a zealous, fighting spirit. If you discuss things with your trans girl at every step and proceed with a plan, then your family and friends might just accept your relationship. Just do not rush into making any impromptu revelations! Wait for the right time and chalk out a strategy.

If you follow a few basic tips, then the whole process of introducing your trans lady love to your intimate circle is just going to get easier and hassle-free.

Tell her that You Love her to the Core

The most important aspect of trans girl dating is mutual love and respect. As a guy, it is important that you take her fully into confidence before communicating your relationship to your friends and family. Your trans woman has to be ready for the whole thing. It is a big deal for her. She is about to be introduced to her boyfriend’s family. She wants to be her best version in front of them. But at the same time, her identity is very important to her. She has literally battled societal prejudices and censure to be able to live the way she wants to. So, it is natural that she is quite a bit apprehensive about the whole situation. So, you have to be constantly by her side and communicate your love and commitment for her.

It’s reassuring and comforting for her to hear it out from you again and again that you love her to the core. You got to assure your trans woman that no matter what, the two of you will be always together.

Your family will not quite layout a red-carpet welcome for the two of you once you tell them about your relationship. And you know that. So, while it’s good to hope for the best, be prepared for the worst as well. You have to reassure your trans woman that even if your family doesn’t accept the relationship, you will be with her. Tell her that irrespective of the way things work out with your family, your relationship will remain as it is.

The love between the two of you is what eventually matters. You think that it’s probably the right time to introduce her to your family and friends. But that’s about it really. The future of your relationship shouldn’t depend on their reaction. And that is why it is important for you to constantly communicate to your beautiful trans woman that your love for her is rock solid.

Consult her Before Making any Announcement

Now, this is the most important aspect of trans girl dating. You think it’s the right time to introduce her to your family and friends. Maybe, she doesn’t share your opinion. And you have to respect that.

Your trans woman has to be comfortable about it. It is a big step. You are choosing to make your relationship public and therefore, her comfort level is what matters the most. Talk to her clearly; give her reasons as to why you think it’s important to tell your family about the relationship at this point in time. And if she is still not convinced, it’s ok to postpone it till she feels comfortable.

The whole idea of taking this next big step of announcing the relationship to your intimate circle of people is to take it to the next level. Maybe you guys are thinking of marriage at some point in time. And that’s why you think it’s important to take it to the next level now. Whatever be the scenario, this shouldn’t become a point of conflict in your relationship. That is simply not worth it. If she is not yet ready to meet your friends and family, just postpone it for some time.

Plan it Out

It’s not a good idea to make the revelation to your friends and family randomly! You have to plan out the whole thing. The two of you got to figure out when is the best time to communicate this to them. Not just that, you also have to discuss what is the best way to communicate this to them.

If you already know that your family will be way too prejudiced against your trans woman, then you can’t just tell them everything bluntly in one go. You have to do some groundwork before you tell them the actual thing. Maybe, you can try and create a positive impression in their minds about trans people. Just try having general conversations about trans people first. The goal is to slowly reduce their prejudices. And then when the right time comes, you can tell them the exact thing.

It is also important, to be honest with your trans woman regarding your family’s attitudes. If you have specific family members or friends who would be vehemently opposing the relationship, warn your girlfriend in advance. Tell her candidly that these particular people might just be rude to her so that she doesn’t get so shocked by their reaction. However, her respect is of utmost importance so you have to draw the line somewhere. If you think their reactions will be too much for her to handle, it is best to make the announcement when your partner is not around.

You have to Stand up for your Lover

A guy who loves a transgender girl should stand up for her, no matter what. And this is true of any relationship. When you love a woman and have made a commitment, you have to honour that despite all societal disapproval.

You have made the big announcement in front of your family and friends. They still do not accept the relationship and some of them are way too disrespectful to your trans woman. Now, this has to be the saturation point for your tolerance. You have to tell them categorically that she is your lady love and disrespecting her is not ok. You have communicated to them all about your relationship and whether to accept it or not is their wish but that doesn’t change your relationship status with her.

If someone disrespects your trans lady love, you can’t just ignore the whole thing. You have to tell them firmly and strictly that you won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour again. When you are in a relationship with someone, loving them doesn’t just mean making those ‘I love you’ declarations. You have to demonstrate your love in life’s circumstances. And that includes standing by her in all conditions, even if that has to be at the expense of a friend.

Keep up the task of Convincing your Family

If your family hasn’t accepted your relationship yet, that doesn’t mean they are never going to accept it. If they are being disrespectful to your trans woman at this point in time, then better keep her out of all this. But you should keep up the communication with your family from your side.

You have to be adept at the art of convincing. Many people who are completely against something the first time they hear of it change their thinking down the line. This is the way human psychology works. So, you just have to be patient with your family.

If nothing else works, just leave it on time. Time can do wonders to a situation. After a certain point, they will realize that what exists between you and your trans lady is indeed true love. They tried their best to dissuade you from dating her but that didn’t work. Your relationship became even stronger with time and despite all societal disapproval. So, your friends and family would eventually realize that nothing can separate the two of you. They might be hesitant of outrightly declaring it because of ego issues but they will slowly accept your relationship.

So, you have to constantly do a balancing act between your trans lady love and your family. You have made it clear to them that they cannot disrespect her. But you still have to keep the channels of communication open.



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