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My name is Patricia. I have fought full life with my second soul. When I was teen, I did know that I am girl inside my body. I didnt play with boys, with cars, so nor boys playgrounds. I knew it that I am girl. But my parents always said that "you are not girl, you are boy". I was many years upset from my parents. But I decided one year ago that I will start HRT transition and now ? Now is result so that I have beautiful woman body and I am very happy , my voice is so soft and one problem is so that I have little Money for new life. It is not simple so for ts girl as me. But I still fight and I dont give up. I thank for Goddess from heaven, she helps me and she stands near me every day and every moment of my life. It so sad that many ts people in my country are very non friendly. It is so hard to meet someone similiar MTF as me. I would like meet new people with similiar problems and friends for friendships

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patriciai Oct 29 '17 · Comments: 6 · Tags: mtf, transexual, hrt transition
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