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Internet security has become a basic necessity in today's world. Covid 19 has brought tremendous growth to the internet world. Being in the net space is now in today's life and not in the past anymore. In this article, we will explore cybersecurity together. Let's learn.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is simply computer security.  It is the protection from theft or disclosure of information, damage to any form of data, and misdirection of the service they provide.  It is a way to defend data from malicious attacks.

An attack occurs when a deliberate and malicious attempt to breach information of another company or individual.

Importance of Cybersecurity

It protects data, networks, and other forms of information from malicious and unauthorized access. Contrary to it, security is threatened. The information may include personally identifiable data, governmental information, protected health information, or intellectual property.

Through the Internet, sensitive information is shared and needs to be kept confidential. The Internet can build or damage the integrity and authenticity of information and the informer. Cybersecurity focuses on keeping the device and software free from threat.

The Dark Web

Internet users access different sites for different reasons. The use of a browser enables access to the site. The surface web is a part of the Internet that is easily accessible and visible to the naked eye. The dark web is a 0.01% fraction of deep web where the sites are only accessible using a particular web browser. The dark web is used for both legal and illegal activities.  To help keep internet information private and anonymous, it routes all communication to different servers and encrypts them. Unfortunately, the dark web is associated with illegal activities like selling unlicensed firearms, children pornography, illegal businesses of drugs, counterfeit money, and private account hacking. It's not easy to access through the Google browser since it's hidden. You can access it through a phone too. Mostly a Tor browser is used to access the dark web. It will help if you use a VPN to hide your identity.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps one access even if you live in a region where access to the site is blocked. Also, it hides the identity making it attractive for the dark web users.

Is it Illegal to Access the Dark Web?

Accessing the dark web using Tor is not illegal, but purchasing some items through it may be illegal. Dangers of surfing the Internet using the dark web may arise if you give information that will attract hackers to you. You may stumble over an illegal good without realizing it.

When We Apply Dark Web

   1. To maintain anonymity. People have different reasons they hide identity. Maybe if the identity were revealed, they would be in danger like cyberstalking, online banking security, or political censorship.

   2.  Educational institutes use intranet systems use it to access online databases.

   3.  Helps in accessing the 'onion services.' These are hidden services like the protection of a whistle-blower. Tor project hides the IP address, location, and content identity of the user, and so the site is hidden. The name is derived from the name given to these hidden services- the onion addresses.

   4.  To ensure access is only granted to the authorized members. The use of passwords helps in ensuring that the users who access have legal access to the information. Major companies and organizations may use the dark web for their internal sites.

Dark Web vs. Deep Web

   1.  The deep web is used for legit reasons, but the dark web is mostly used for illegal businesses.

   2.  You require a password, encryption, or codes, but the dark web requires a special browser like Tor Project.

   3.  Both are hidden from the surface web internet access.

   4.  The dark web is a fraction of the deep web. The dark web is immeasurable, while the deep web is large than the surface web.

   5. While surfing the deep web, you require a VPN service, but with the dark web, you need precaution.

Major Forms of Cybersecurity Threats

The field of offering cybersecurity is very demanding. The work is hard but rewarding. The threats involved are many, but we will go through the few major ones.

   1.  Phishing. It is the major 2021 threat in the internet world. Phishing is when one receives a mass amount of text through the phone or emails from sources you have not accessed claiming to be reliable yet fraudulent.  The links in the message seem genuine, but they lead to a malicious file designed to access your device and information, gather and control it. Phishing can be targeted directly to a specific individual, company, shareholders within an organization, senior executives, or a way to get the credentials using credential login.

   2.  Malware: is a very common cybersecurity threat. It involves a virus that replicates itself, infecting other codes in the computer. They're mostly transported via file. A trojan is a form of a malicious program hiding in another. It doesn't copy, but it's a door for attackers. Worms are transported in emails in every attachment sent. The server overloads and achieves a denial-of-service attack.

   3.  Password Attack: One of the most widespread methods of authenticating access is the use of a password. The best thing about passwords is that you create them yourself, edit, change, memorize them, and use them on multiple devices. Their widespread use makes them attractive to attackers. The password is used to access personal data, control and manipulate the system. Attackers use the lockout feature as well. The account is frozen after several attempts of the wrong passwords. To access, you need to use the right one. They pick the data from there.


Internet surfing is a good practice. However, the user should practice best internet practices while using the dark web to avoid common vulnerabilities. If one can avoid accessing it, it would be the best practice altogether. If it's unavoidable, ensure you learn how to avoid falling into the pits and maintain cybersecurity.


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