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Joan_C VIP
Joan_C Jul 12 '18

I first started shopping in boutiques and businesses that cater for cross dressers. I soon realized that Womens clothing designed and sewn to fit men is an overpriced niche market. If you ever intend to dress up in public, you will face bigger challenges than shopping for yourself in the Lingerie departments at Macys, Kohl, Ross or your local thrift stores.Once you figure out what sizes you wear you can shop at or step out in the real world of shopping malls.

Your money spends just as well as the next girl/gurl. The sales clerks have heard it all before, and they  don't care who you are shopping for. So please don't tell them 'You are shopping for a girlfriend who just happens to be the same size as you!'

You will get a better fit if you

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