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manorma Apr 28 '18

Strong Vocabulary:http://iaan.orgWherever you read a new word, Google it or use dictionary but don’t stop until you find its meaning. If you have ideas but not strong or convincing words to present them, your ideas will go in vain. More words give you more Best Journalism College in Delhifreedom of expression. Grammar: Whatever your language is, you should be proficient in its grammar. You should know how to make sentences that too correctly so you can give your writers something good and useful.  Simple but classy: Write as simple as you can but at the same time it should be classy. It should leave an impression on reader that the writer has the absolute knowledge about the topic/subject he is Best media collegewriting.Speak: Try to speak your language of writing as much as you can. When you speak, you analyze the deficiency of words and errors in your sentences and thus when you work to fulfill that deficiency or improve that error, you learn something new.Just like things you learn, benefits you forever, be it basic things like walking, eating or speaking, the best things you write also stay forever in the reader’s hearts.

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