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Emily1963 Apr 8 '18

OK I noticed that when I did a search, using the geographical map, I am horrified to see only 5 people from OZ on here! Checking out the other four profiles - I am even more HORRIFIED! I read that someone is looking for "Trannies/Shemale" to hook-up with.

OMG! You are on here supposedly looking to date a transwoman!

Using what is an absolute slur will not achieve you a date with a genuine Transwomen. The word 'Tranny' is seen as a slur because it is often the last word a transwoman hears before she loses consciousness as she is being bashed and kicked or killed by some freaked-out cis-gendered guy! And all using the term Shemale tells me is that you have been wan... well, watching too much porn!

Did you know that lots of Transwomen and Transmen are lonely and alone?

Because of the stigma associated with being trans, we often have difficulties finding genuine dates. Look, we get treated like shit by society on a daily basis, so we don’t need for those who are portraying that they find us attractive to do the same thing.

OK to get you Ozzie guys on the right track and help you attract a nice Transwomen, feel free to ask me any questions you like about transgender dating. Now, I can only answer from my own experiences.  But maybe if you learn how to treat a transwoman with respect and dignity, you might actually get laid by transwoman without having to pay her to have sex with you!

BTW, if you’re too personal or sexual I’ll give you the phone number: 8382 5633 to ring – you work it out!


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Cwillis Apr 9 '18
Hey Emily. 
I was wondering if I could ask you some questions?
Preferably private message. If that's okay 
Emily1963 Apr 12 '18
Yes Cwillis you can.
Biscorpio Jul 21 '18
I love sucking cock
Emily1963 Jul 23 '18
From your comment I guess your a gay cd.  Obviously you're not looking for a transwomen because a comment like that to a transwomen is disrespectful and insinuates transwomen are males. 

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