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DocBONES Feb 23 '18
 To introduce myself to this community, which l know very little about, except that my newly found, what l call, bi-sexual, l can't "YET," really discuss how it is that l have been lead here, but to tell you the honest truth, l am already feeling very comfortable, here on this site and l thank all of you on this site, for being here for people like myself. I am a very spiritual person, and live my faith, 24/7/365, to the best of my understanding and my faith has lead me here!!! However, l am not affiliated or a member of, any religeous 
organization, affiliate, church orany other religeous entity. My faith and understanding of my spiritual path, has been, gleaned from a set of books, l first contacted in March of 1983, called, "The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East," but called simply "Life and Teaching", to those who are familiar with those "paperback only," books, published by DeVoorss, publishing, in Marina del Rey, CA. I have the phone number and complete address, if anyone wants it!!!!! My total attraction seems to be focused on, nice looking/acting, 
she-males, wholely and am hopeing to meet at least one, or as many as want to help me into this community of kindred spirits!!! It's really amazing to me, how much my life has changed, in the last several short weeks, since l found these feelings in my self!!! But then, l've never been one to hesitate, once l see the way forward!!!!!!!
Sincerely to everyone who reads this,
"Doc BONES" or just "BONES"
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