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XavierSeventy7 Dec 12 '17
Anyone have issues in dating women since transitioning, like finding open minded women that aren’t afraid to date a trans man?
zapzuru Jan 29 '18
Oh yeah.  Quite a problem.
XavierSeventy7 Jan 30 '18
At first I started with being up front about it like on my profiles but I think that’s just fucked me so i removed it to see if there if It changes anything
davidm23456 Apr 26 '18
Yeah. Even when a girl says that she's bi, somehow that doesn't seem to apply to trans men? It's discouraging.
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Kendra438 Sep 8 '18
Well as I began my transition, I like girls. Any suggestions on dating as a trans with girls? I dont get much luck, like no one near me kind if luck.


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