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STACISINN69 Dec 7 '17
How does the rating system work? 
admin VIP
admin Aug 10 '20

The matchmaking is based the Gender profile question.

Example: you are logged in as female user. In your profile you have specified that you are looking for male. When you visit My matches page, system will:

- check whom you are looking for. In our case you are looking for males > system will find all male users.

- check whom those found male users are looking for. If male user is looking for male - this will be excluded from matchmaking process, since you are female user and you don't match their looking for value.

If male user is looking for male - this user will be included into further filtering process, since you do match that user's Looking for value.

As a result, system pulls the list of only relevant male users. That is the user list you see when you click My Matches.

If the system should match people using the additional information, you should add additional matchmaking rules based on the profile questions.

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