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Hollysubtv Nov 30 '16
I want bigger breast and nipple growth but don't want to go to doctor for help, can anyone suggest anything please.
I've taken pills from internet for 9 months before they got bigger but not how I want them
Thank you
ValerieKnox May 5 '17
If you want bigger I highly HIGHLY recommend a LGBT health clinic.  In NYC there's Callen Lorde and they have trans-specific health care.  You can read about it on their website.  I have a doctor there and they're also my primary care physician.  And the T blockers and Estrogen meds are only like 20-30 dollars a month without a prescription plan.

After ~9 months on hormones, I'm up to a moderate 40C and they're still growing.  But everyone also develops differently.

M294254 Jun 2 '17
Your efforts show your beautiful
KelliBlue Nov 27 '17
Most planned parenthood clinics offer gender affirming hormone treatment. It's covered by insurance, confidential, and unlike other places you don't have to make their clinician your primary


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