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jenifer VIP
jenifer Nov 5 '15
I wanna know where to start

pixie_ryn VIP
pixie_ryn Dec 20 '15
Welp I've just recently started on HRT and this is what I had to do:

Find and talk to a therapist. I told them I was transgender and when the feelings started. I also told them I have dressed and passed for female in the past(I had to stop because where I was living at the time) and I wanted to go on HRT and transition.

Told my doctor. Since on my insurance you need a referral to see the endocrinologist they needed to refer me. I must of got lucky or something since they told me they knew nothing about transgender patients and will refer me to someone who does.

Some time has passed and I got a call from the endocrinologist. They told me I needed a letter from my therapist saying they felt I was ready.

So...back to the therapist. My therapist as awesome as they are, had little to no experience with transgender patients, so I had to do the legwork myself. I told them that the letter just needed the official letter head of the hospital and it should say something along the lines of "I feel (insert patient name here) is ready to go on HRT and I will provide support for them. I also told my therapist they needed to fax the letter to the endocrinologist.

This is where things got a bit mixed up. My endocrinologist's normal secretary wasn't there so when I had my therapist fax the letter they were told I wasn't a patient. So I waited about a week to try again and things whet fine.

So I had my letter faxed, my therapist's approval, and the referral from my primary care doctor. It was just time to wait for the appointment.

The appointment went without a hitch for the most part. The endocrinologist told me they expected more history about being transgender in the letter so I had to tell them a rather brief history. Nothing major, just when I knew, any actions I took to present as female, and weirdly why I didn't try to transition earlier. I answered their questions and they proceeded to ask me to lift up my shirt so they could check my breasts and to lower my pants to check my testicles. They then proceeded in telling me the effects of HRT and what I knew about it. I answered truthfully and knew the answers to their questions since I did my research beforehand(I was planning on DIY HRT before but decided not to). They tell me they're going to put me on HRT and I just needed a blood test to get my baseline levels and to come back in four months.

I got the blood test the same day at the same place, tried to make my appointment(they had an issue with the system so they called me later to schedule it).

When I got home the first thing I did was go to the pharmacy to pick up my HRT since the endocrinologist called it in before I left. I got the spironolactone just fine, the estrodol well that's another story.

The estrodol needed prior approval, something my endocrinologist didn't mention. The pharmacy was nice enough to fax my endocrinologist notifying them of the fact. A day passed and still nothing. The day after that I called letting the secretary know and it got cleared up by the third day and I've been on HRT since.

Deleted user
Deleted user Mar 22 '16
so hard to get what we need...
JaneCatherine VIP
JaneCatherine Aug 1 '16

Quote from aurielk Hormones aren't vitamins. Too high a dose can end up killing you in all kinds of interesting ways.  Heart attacks, blood clots, and of course the Big C cancer.

Be careful sisters.

Aurielk is telling it like it is and be G.D. sure this is what you want. Live a year in "the life"and see your doctor regularly
ashleighe2 VIP
ashleighe2 Aug 10 '16
I would always recommend any person wanting to transition, first live a full-year as their identified gender in public before going to HRT, in that time it would be wise to schedule electrolysis or laser facial hair removal for MTFs. This can take well over a year to fully complete. Please don't rush into HRT, the changes are much more significant than you realize.

Once on HRT, you will be taking that estrogen for life. So be aware of ow bog a commitment this is.

Hugs to all my sisters.

jenifer VIP
jenifer Dec 15 '16
Ive been looking into herbal ways of transforming and am trying bovine ovary will let u know how it goes
kennyh2 Jan 23 '17
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