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jenifer VIP
jenifer Jul 30 '16
Hi my name is jenifer i would like to ask help in becoming a woman any advice is a plus. Ive been dressing fem since i was about 6 yrs old but never fully came out to my parents even though they caught me in drag and my nails done. They still didnt want to admit i was happier being a woman please help me in my quest of being happy
Dikjunkie Aug 22 '16
I'd love to help you drop me a line and we can get to helping each otherr
M294254 Jun 1 '17
Be brave and who you are love knows no gender

Chri55y VIP
Chri55y Aug 24 '18
If you can no longer keep it inside then it’s time to come out, make sure it’s what you want because it not easy, it’s caused me lots of problems, and I still struggle even now, but it is worth it to save your soul and become who you really are, it does get easier every day, we live in a social climate that is becoming more tolerant and accepting, not so when I was younger, regrettably for me I kept my secret for years, find a submissive doctor and discuss your options,
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