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VikaGreg VIP
VikaGreg Jun 30 '22
AI is predicted to revolutionize the digital landscape. This has been a common theory for some time. The future was coming so quickly, however, I wasn't expecting it. I recently came across an article about artificial intelligence, new educational methods, and other interesting topics. Can you believe that robots can write an essay or a dissertation in as little as a few minutes?

/>re;white-spacere-wrap;">Even though the quality will be poor in each paragraph, the fact that the program is able to analyze Shakespeare's plays and short stories by Jack London is incredible. Additionally, I discovered how modern technology makes college learning more simple and facilitates data exchanging. We can be sure that in the next ten centuries, new knowledge will be more easily Even so, many websites now offer easy data generation and knowledge retrieval technology. As you can see, AI is an important part of education. I also liked the virtual learning environment. The

technology used for education is perfect. Although I didn’t know how it all worked, students now have the chance to exchange data and launch streams with professors. It sounds revolutionary to my ears. AI will allow my children to experience virtual reality and gain the knowledge of Neo.
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bambigtimes VIP
bambigtimes Jun 30 '22

For me, the sooner I am replaced by a robot, at the factory I work at, the better.

I used to drill over 1 million microscopic holes a year, for minimal wage, The guy I worked next to, cut over 1 million microscopic slits a year and was on pain killers to deal with his RSI. So their are jobs out there where humans need to be replaced by robots.

Socialism has not done much for the working class (the ones who actually work for their money) But I do hope AI will be a real liberator of the working class.

But when I see robots, like the ones at Boston Dynamic, I think to myself......I don't know what to think about them.

liaamsmithh95 VIP
liaamsmithh95 Jun 23
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