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I know I have reached my individual comfort level as a pre-op trans-woman.  It took a long time to find this spot tho,  due to various things in my life that have happened I think that where I am now is going to be my comfort level.  The point is that each of us has to find our own *comfort level*.  Sometimes it is hard and sometimes easy to get to.  No one should ever be looked down at or mocked because they may or may not be at your comfort zone.  We each have a set of problems to deal with that ARE UNIQUE to us.  I call myself a pre-op trans woman (and live as female).  Due to my age and underlying medical problems I will most likely never continue past the point I am at now.  The people who matter to me do know and simply accept who I am.  I regard myself as a woman and that is all that matters to me.  I live as such 24/7. And 1 more thing  do not despair at the time it takes to reach your comfort level....you will find  that sometimes time is exactly the thing that is needed.  You can find support from persons you least expect it from.  In my case I  certainly did!  And that made everything much easier for me.  I neither sought nor fought for the acceptance I was given....I simply did what I needed to do for myself.  Remember  NO ONE has the right to dictate your life style or happiness level..the only one who has that right is you.  Good luck and enjoy reaching your comfort level.
I will state up front I am a retired Navy corpsman (FMF).  I had a very unique  experience when I came *OUT* as a femm.  The Marines I was the platoon corpsman for were all of one mind...I was Doc...male or female made no difference to them..I was and always will be Doc.  I suppose that they regard me relationship wise as an *older sister*  My outing got me 40  younger brothers at one go.  Lol.  The thing here is that it was a TOTAL acceptance.  Nothing had changed I was a female but I was still Doc..deployed or in garrison.  It was different in that the EXTREMELY male environment was so accepting.  In fact the Gunnys wife said that she suspected I was at the very least gay if not female wrongly gendered.   The very last people I expected to accept me were these guys.  Perhaps it is because corpsman have a unique bond with Marines that they were so accepting...I really cant say and really am  not up on that kind of psychology.  Never the less it was definitely an interesting experience.