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tanyab VIP
Activity: Oct 15 '22

mature gay transvestite

a mature lifestyle transvestite that identifies as an effeminate homosexual, i see myself as one from a long history of effeminate gays that adopt a traditional female role in all aspects of life, while not actually identifying as being a woman ... rather I am a mix of womanish and effeminate. I am attracted to men who are traditionally alpha, that probably modernity would consider male chauvinist, as for me, a masculine should have a paternal authority over the feminine. While i do not think of myself as a woman, i do only use female pronouns - she and her ... but i dont much like being referred to as a woman, preferring tranny, sissy, queen or such like. I am submissive in that I will always obey a boyfriend, but do so more in that i will always defer to him as the mascline authority. I am not a bimbo that wont have opinions or express them, but as a traditionist, i see the value in a feminine accepting a masculines authory
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