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StevenL65 Sep 12 '15
so tired of trying to find the right girl. the girl without drama. has anyone found this?
Denise Oct 13 '15
I don't like drama,
 find that some people look at this as sex, others in modest terms,
and finally get over who we are. Drama should be healthy, excitement about seeing one another again. looking for love or drama is how I see it.Denise
jenniferh Dec 7 '15
You will never find anyone without drama. Drama is what give us character, experience of life and a purpose of being.

jpvega Mar 26 '17
Hola amigo, si aparece ocasionalmente pero todo esta en como tu te sientas para que te acepte. saludos
M294254 Jun 1 '17
Its a part of being a woman love it or go without emotion is a part of who we are
KingRay57 May 28
If you're looking for women, there is no such thing as them being without drama. Some more than others, and you just have to find ones with as little as possible. All that comes from emotions and estrogen. It's what makes them beautiful creatures, or bat-s__t crazy. Hahahahahaha
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