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RainingFire Jul 2 '18
How do or did you ladies deal with being stuck in your male bodies? I am here, in my dress and I feel like: Finally! But I look at myself in the mirror and all I see is a guy in a dress. and it makes it very hard to.. Enjoy it if I do not like the way I look.. How did or do ya'll deal with this?
LilianaHartisma Jul 2 '18
focussed on the road ahead, made plans to make me look like a convincing woman, and i reached it through using masks, padding etc etc. It's an amazing happening for me now

ashleyt Jul 11 '18
I think about plastic surgery. That usually gets my hopes up.
Joan_C Jul 12 '18

It's not about being 'stuck in a mans body' for some of us. Most women spend their childhood and teen years learning about being a woman from other women, and our society. That's one helluva head start. Do some research, get informed, read books about other peoples journeys. You are young and have a full lifetime in front of you! Until you spend some time dressing up, you won't know if this is a 24/7 lifestyle or a part time fetish. Either way is okay! It's one helluva leap from part time cross dresser to tran sexual. Don't feel like you've got to do it all at once. 

'Be the change you want to see in the world!' No matter what you do externally, the change has to come from within you! You don't have to commit to SRS tomorrow, but you might commit to looking in the mirror and seeing the gurl/woman you wish to become, engage her in conversation, give her a name, breathe life into her. That's where it truly starts, underneath the lingerie, frock and make up!!

Chri55y Aug 24 '18
Oh that’s a tough one to answer, hormones and testosterone blockers help, good make up skills, appropriate dress sense, just because it looks good on the model or curves of a babe doesn’t mean it will look good on you, spend time to pick a style that suits your body shape, you will grow in self confidence, it takes a while, dress like a woman and not like a mans fantasy of what a woman should look like lots of trail and error but you will get it down, there is lots of other stuff you can do but can be expensive like a boob job, lip plumping, fat transfer, the list goes on, but in the end it’s really finding a look that you feel comfortable in and going for it, x
Bigdaddy2021 Aug 15
ArciVhaye Aug 15
Dealing with that everyday. That's why I don't have mirror at home and trying to keep not looking at the reproductive organ I shouldn't supposed to have. Have a good day.
furst Aug 16


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