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zandique Oct 20 '16
I'm a professional writer from Pennsylvania.
I'm interested in collaborating with an MTF/TS on an erotic MTF/M romance novel or short stories. I'm hoping to find an MTF to provide the voice and perspective of that side of a relationship with a hetero male who reluctantly at first falls in love with an MTF.
The story would explore the challenges, obstacles, sorrows and joys of the relationship as it develops, in terms of social interactions, private/intimate interactions, familial, etc.
I'd prefer the collaborator live within an hour or so of southern Pennsylvania, which includes Maryland, N.Virginia, Easter West Virginia, DC metro.
The collaborator does not have to be a writer, I will be able to help with editing, etc. What will be vital is that the individual be willing to explore an intimate relationship with me, so that the writing will be realistic and passionate. I'd prefer someone between 20-40, but will consider some older.
If interested, let me know and we can chat.


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