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ParagonSage91 Jan 8 '22

Hello everyone, how's it going? New here, looking for company, open to any form of relationship, be it friendship, friends with benefits, or romantic, though this highly depends on whether you're girlfriend material or wife material, though do not expect anything serious - if you're a casual encounter material, then we might become good friends but do not expect a marriage proposal anytime soon. Lastly, I apologize for being blunt and/or straight forward, but it's in my nature to be honest and speak my mind.

Though I mention on my profile I am bisexual, I have a preference for Feminine types. I am here to meet women, Transwomen, or Femboys. My body preferences are curvy chicks with a thick ass and/or athletic body, sorry if I am body shaming anyone here, but I like to be active and would love to have a partner or lover who enjoys walking, hiking, and going to the gym, you know, being outdoorsy. Ideally, I would like someone who is agreeable, drama-free, and would be a bright shining light of positivity, someone who will help me overcome the bitterness of past relationships. As well as open minded ladies, since I dealt with many narrow minded individuals. Basically, I am looking for gals who want to support my kinky side. I am primarily interested in Group sex, role play, and outdoor sex, but nothing too outrageous. This kinky side is ideally suited to Casual Encounter material types, and maybe to Girlfriend material types as well. If you’re Wife material, then the fun times end, and it’s all serious relationship mode from now on. 

Also, I feel the need to explain the criteria of how I view certain people, in case you're a casual encounter type who thinks you are girlfriend material. I hope this doesn’t come off as arrogance, but I feel I should be upfront of how I view certain people and how I categorize them, in order to prevent making the same mistakes I’ve done in the past. 

Casual Encounter Material: I see too many of these on dating apps, TikTok, Instagram, etc. Basically, a girl who dresses provocatively, bares her body, basically an attention seeking outfit. They are flirtatious, thrill-seeking, the life of the party, etc. In other words, someone who hangs out with a lot of guys, always seen at clubs or dance floors. I would date this kind of lady, but would not commit, or see them being a romantic partner, because they don’t take themselves seriously, so, why should I? 

Girlfriend Material: I don't see many of them, since this is a slim selection. Fashionably modest, but confident enough not to flaunt her physical features, despite being clearly attractive. Among the things I'm looking for are unique qualities, creative being one example, but I'm not looking for specific qualities, just things that set them apart from other women. A shared interest would be an asset. Someone I would love to spend time with and who would make every day feel like a new day. As time passes, she could easily become Wife material, though depending on how she deals with obstacles or bad times, we may not be in a relationship for very long. While this might seem like a tall order, I will still take someone who is Girlfriend Material more seriously than someone who is a Casual Encounter, since commitment requires time and trust.

Wife Material: I will leave this up to you, because I want you to use your imagination on how I would view someone who might be considered Wife Material, but chances are, you might get this wrong, but do not worry, like I said earlier, it's all about Time and trust.

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