T-Girl vs CIS Girl Diets - Who fails more and why?

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Jun 23 '17 | By edu3 | Views: 14 | Comments: 0
T-Girl vs CIS Girl Diets - Who fails more and why?

I don't know about you ladies, but for me weight has been a battle since my late teens. The constant battle between diet and "bounce back". And somehow each bounce back would be just a couple of pounds more than the diet had shed.

I'd feel like such a failure - and looking in the mirror the lumps and bulges that ballooned back on my body would never ever be in an area with a remotely flattering curve.... This continued till my body mass index tipped across the clinically obese line.

My solution didn't lie in a pill, a powder, a shake or any other miracle weight loss plan. And I will never try to sell you any of those.

Today's blog is all about my aha moment. That shift in mindset that needs to happen before any meaningful transition can start. I realized that my dieting was trying to break down the body that I didn't want - It had nothing to do with building up the healthy body that I did want...


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