Name and Gender Change in California

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Dec 11 '18 | By felicia_cd4u | Views: 285 | Comments: 0
Name and Gender Change in California
I am a law school student and paralegal student, and just went thru the whole process here in California.  New laws makes is really streamlined.  I created a PowerPoint presentation and it's up on my LinkedIn profile, FB, and U-tube page.  I will try to input the U-tube link, if it will take.  It covers the whole process, filing the court documents, fee wavier if applicable, forms needed, etc.  Then you get the court order and file with Vital Records in Sacramento for the new Birth Certificate, with that you get your new Social Security card, and finally, your new California ID/CDL under the new Real ID laws, which is another layer of fat in itself.  I will say, if you are on it, will take at least 6 months, to 8 months to complete.  It's streamlined for folks that were born here in California, but if you weren't' you can still file here and get a court order and follow your own states procedures, you just have to invoke the IV amendment and the "full faith and credit clause" which basically means a valid court order in one state is valid in any other State in the Union.  You just need to follow their rules to get a B\C which may be a two page document.  If you have questions, you can ask me...but it's up to your birth state to issue, if they balk, then you sue for performance!  There is alwasy a way!  California rules and regs, are a model for the other states and it will happen eventually across the board.  
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