New and deeply emotional

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Jul 8 '18 | By Corviepaws | Views: 109 | Comments: 1
New and deeply emotional
I'm new to this site and have not been on it long. I am not a stranger to dating sites I know what they are pretty well and I can't say I have ever gotten a match off of one because I as a person rather fall between the cracks. I imagine some people can relate to the feeling of being so different you don't feel like you fit in anywhere. I live that pretty constantly from day to day because being trapped in a small podunk town kinda blows. The biggest issues I have with dating sites is a lot of superficial shallow people lurk on them ether looking for a sugar daddy/mommy or a cheap lay. I am nether of those. I am at times complicated af and others chill as can be. You might call it a side effect of being manic depressive. a medium is not something that exists for people like me and I am sure some of you reading this can relate to that. If you find yourself reading this all the way through please don't take it as me being whiny I am not. I came here seeking friends and perhaps a long term open minded patient companion who can put up with the fact I can be a bit nit picky but on the other hand who isn't at times. Real speaking I know I am not the most beautiful person I don't even remotely consider myself attractive period, however I do know I am very honest, wild , dedicated, loyal,  and never have I ever cheated. I mean call me old fashioned but if you need to cheat on someone then obviously you don't love them very much. So I suppose probably bored you stiff if you are still reading this and if you are and looking for a nerdy loving guy or a real friend hmu.
Sep 10 '18
god ikr it's such a pain in the ass with ppl being all over the place.
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