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JayneSoHot | Jul 21 '18 | Tags: transgender
Here are a few tips to being happy as a transgender amidst our daily interface with people. These tips can be applied to build confidence and enhance self esteem. 1. Whenever someone says something mean about you being trans, try to remind yourself that this is who you are, and it's your time to be kind and try to help someone...

New and deeply emotional

Corviepaws | Jul 8 '18 | Comments: 1 | Tags: #realpersontruth
I'm new to this site and have not been on it long. I am not a stranger to dating sites I know what they are pretty well and I can't say I have ever gotten a match off of one because I as a person rather fall between the cracks. I imagine some people can relate to the feeling of being so different you don't feel like you fit in anywhere. I live...

Comfort Level

JinianVictoria | May 17 '18
I know I have reached my individual comfort level as a pre-op trans-woman.  It took a long time to find this spot tho,  due to various things in my life that have happened I think that where I am now is going to be my comfort level.  The point is that each of us has to find our own *comfort level*.  Sometimes it is hard and...


JinianVictoria | May 4 '18 | Comments: 1
I will state up front I am a retired Navy corpsman (FMF).  I had a very unique  experience when I came *OUT* as a femm.  The Marines I was the platoon corpsman for were all of one mind...I was Doc...male or female made no difference to them..I was and always will be Doc.  I suppose that they regard me relationship wise as an...

MTF hrt transition

patriciai | Oct 29 '17 | Comments: 6 | Tags: mtf, transexual, hrt transition
Hi, My name is Patricia. I have fought full life with my second soul. When I was teen, I did know that I am girl inside my body. I didnt play with boys, with cars, so nor boys playgrounds. I knew it that I am girl. But my parents always said that "you are not girl, you are boy". I was many years upset from my parents. But I decided one...

The thing about being a transgender woman....

anaika | Jul 24 '17 | Comments: 1 | Tags: love, transgender, beauty, heart, emotions, realness, doubt, confusion, harmony
I discovered that I was transgender a few years back and fought against it for quite sometime.  I remember being ashamed, a freak and just not a real person.  However, once I accepted it something began to change within me.  The fragmented pieces of my heart and mentality started to align with each other.  The battle...

T-Girl vs CIS Girl Diets - Who fails more and why?

edu3 | Jun 23 '17
I don't know about you ladies, but for me weight has been a battle since my late teens. The constant battle between diet and "bounce back". And somehow each bounce back would be just a couple of pounds more than the diet had shed. I'd feel like such a failure - and looking in the mirror the lumps and bulges that ballooned back...

Faith, Hope and Love

MandyLove | Jan 15 '17 | Tags: fait hope love
I believe in God. God is the one who allows me to have faith. That faith gives me hope. Hope is what gives me love. With all three of these virtues in mind, this is what I believe. My faith is a wonderful gift that came to me from God. It gives me a sense of trust in my times of need. He shows me that He is real, and it is up to me to...
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